One of the most popular hobbies nowadays is Anime. Anime shows are available online. However, it’s not safe to download them from unreliable sources. There are many reasons why you should download Anime from official websites instead of using other options such as torrents or streaming sites. Here are some of those reasons:

  1. Torrent allows file-by-file quick download:

Anime shows are released in batches, usually the first 3-5 episodes in one file, for a more manageable download speed and less waiting time. Torrents have several different files, which makes you wait until the whole show is out before watching it. Streaming sites also have separate episodes, so you will have to wait until all of them are released to watch the whole show. Downloading Anime from official websites is also faster because you will have less waiting time. Torrents have several different files, which makes you wait until the whole show is out before watching it. Streaming sites also have separate episodes, so you will have to wait until all of them are released to watch the show.

  1. The Internet allows you to stream and download anime episodes:

When it comes to Anime, there are different ways of accessing the shows. Some people prefer to buy them on DVD or Blu-ray while others like to stream them online. However, when you’re looking for a way that doesn’t cost anything and allows you access to hundreds of series, then downloading Anime from torrent is your best bet. Visit to download Anime from the torrent links that provide you with safe sites to download Anime for free.

No need to look for subtitles:

Subtitles are usually the main reason people use streaming sites or torrents to download Anime instead of official sources. Those who have already downloaded the show can share their subtitle file with other viewers, so they don’t have to search for one manually. However, downloading an anime means you can use any subtitle you want. After all, it’s your show and your file, to begin with! Excellent subtitles are available for some performances, which makes you enjoy them more than just watching it in Japanese with English subtitles. It’s worth waiting for subtitles: that way, you can better experience the Anime with complete understanding and enjoy it to the fullest.

  1. Use apps to download Anime on your device:

Youtubers, such as Crunchyroll and Funimation, provide good quality videos almost the same as the ones on DVDs and Blu-Rays. You can also watch these shows with subtitles or dubbing if you want to, perfect for those who have just started learning how to understand Japanese. These videos can be watched online or downloaded from your platform of choice to watch them later, which is an excellent option for those who have a limited data plan. Crunchyroll and Funimation have an app you can download, so you won’t have to watch the shows on the web browser. It’s more convenient because it uses less memory and CPU usage compared to other media players.

  1. You can watch Anime at your own pace:

Choosing when to watch an anime can be a hard thing to do. If you don’t have enough time, you’ll end up watching the show without taking out some time for other activities. Managing online means that it is easier to control the time you spend on it, so if you only have 45 minutes left until sleep, it’s better not to pick up a series and watch it the next day. Another reason to download Anime is that by streaming, they could take down the Anime anytime because of copyright issues which reduce the chance to rewatch the Anime again in the future.

  1. No more ads that you get when watching from unofficial sites:

Websites with illegal content earn money because of the ads they contain. If you don’t support this behavior, you should consider downloading Anime from official sources only. Other sites might have some commercials between episodes but are generally free of viruses or ads. Downloading Anime rids you of all the irritating ads and popups that interrupt your anime experience, keeping you focused and engrossed in the Anime.

  1. It’s free and legal:

Another great thing about downloading Anime legally is that most sites have a comprehensive set of anime series. It means that they offer tons of choices for people looking to download new shows or watch them whenever they feel like it. Anime downloads are free of charge. Not only that, but they’re entirely legal – you can download them without breaking any copyright laws. The fact that it’s not against the law to watch Anime online means that you don’t have to worry about viruses or anything like that if you download your Anime from official sites.

  1. You own what you get:

when you download Anime, it’s yours. You can keep it and watch it whenever you want, whether on the bus or while at home with your laptop in front of the TV screen. When you’re watching Anime streaming online, the video is streamed to your computer – this means that ads get through and can interrupt your experience. It also means you don’t get to download anything, and if the site gets shut down, it’s almost impossible for you to watch the Anime again. When you download Anime legally, you end up with a copy that’s all yours. You can watch it as many times as you want on any device of your choice and the way you choose. It is beneficial for those who use their tablets or phones to watch Anime online.

  1. Expansive library:

you can choose and download any anime series you like, not just the ones available to stream online. You also have more choice for subtitles since most anime websites provide both subbed and dubbed files. All anime websites have a variety of ways you can download your favorite shows. You can directly download an episode or the entire season from a torrent site or use a video hosting platform that provides sources where you can get the desired media content from.


Downloading Anime is more convenient than watching it online, where you are interrupted by a million ads through which the streaming sites earn revenue. But with torrent, you can download and watch Anime at a much comfortable pace.




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