It would be hard for any sports fan to say they didn’t feel like something was missing during the pandemic when they were unable to watch sports. Sports were not only shut down during that troubling time but they were cut out of the picture completely. There weren’t even dates in sight for some sports to return. Luckily, this is no longer the case, as the Olympics have just gotten back underway, and a lot of exciting things are still in the works.

It does look like things are finally going back in the right direction. That being said, this little time away from the sports world could have just been what the world needed. Maybe that time away will add a new, exciting dynamic to the world of sports. Something that the world has been waiting on.

Thanks to technology, there is a wide selection of ways that people can view sports these days. Even those that are looking to cut the cable cord can partake in the wide world of sports. Here are some of the top websites available today for people looking to watch free sports streams.

ESPN has always been and will always be a staple of sporting events, sports news, and pretty much all things sports. This site features a ton of live streaming videos. You’ll find major sports from football to baseball, at college and professional levels. However, some things are lacking. What you will not be offered with sites like this is every game of every sport. ESPN will only offer the games to which it has broadcasting rights, which is still quite a few. In addition to this, some premium games require your TV provider login credentials. Some might even require an ESPN subscription, which is a mere $5.99 a month.


Facebook Watch

Facebook has done truly amazing things for the world of social media. It has completely transformed it in some aspects. They just recently cornered the business market by offering personalized business accounts where businesses from all around the world can sell products. It looks like they are now also venturing into the sports world. Facebook Watch is the social media mogul’s attempt to muscle into the video streaming market. The provider has already obtained the rights to stream several live sporting events. All you have to do is toggle over to the site, search videos, types sports and hit enter, click on live, and the site will present you with a list of the live sports that are currently available for streaming.



Reddit is a bit of a different beast than the sites mentioned above. While you won’t per-say find the site hosting sporting events and streams, you will find subreddit communities more than dedicated to finding and curating links to live sports events. And, you’ll find them available for most popular sports. You certainly probably won’t have a problem finding streams from some of the bigger events, but the lesser-known might be more problematic. That being said, if you are trying to place bets with Sky Sport สล็อต and can’t find the live sports stream through official sources, Reddit is one of the very best alternatives. The site allows users to create communities known as subreddits, so people can post about anything they want. And, sports are a big topic these days



Now, when looking for a site that does host and stream live sporting events, it is hard to match Stream2Watch. This one is known for gathering streams from other sites, but it features a wide range of offerings, including soccer, basketball, volleyball, and just about anything else you might want. It’s a fairly comprehensive site as well, so even the novice user or streamer won’t have a problem easily navigating the site. However, like many streaming sites today, this one is embedded with external sources, meaning there are going to be intrusive pop-ups ads. It will without a doubt be a good idea to get yourself a good adblocker along with a VPN if you want to safely stream sports on this site. It’ll help keep you safe while you watch your favorite and most hated teams go head-to-head.



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