Nowadays, there are a wide variety of TV Mounts that are available in the market. To choose the suitable mount, professional TV mounters take the TV’s weight, dimensions, user experience, wall type and determine the best types of TV mount along with the best positioning.


TV Mounting Professionals recommend using sturdy mounts made with reinforced steel to hold your TV to the wall. Not only that, but you also need to make mounting hole patterns on the wall at the back of your TV screen, and there you can anchor your TV in the right place.


Each kind of TV mount has its features, and if you are looking for the most famous and widely used TV mount, then a TV wall mount bracket is the best option for you. These brackets further come in three types:


  • Fixed brackets
  • Tilting brackets
  • Full-motion brackets

Fixed Brackets

Among three types of TV wall mount brackets, this is the simplest one. These types of brackets are robust and offer no slight movement. Compared to others, it is easy to install and consumes less time minimum of one hour (for the installation process). Their prices are less as well.

Tilting Brackets

With tilting brackets, you tilt your TV wall mounts to have a better viewing experience by lowering the angle of your Tv screen. This service is not an accessory in the case of flat TV screens. Instead, it is considered a necessity nowadays to have a better viewing angle with flat screens particularly.

If you choose a full TV wall mount service, you will be able to adjust your television up, down, right, and left. As a result, you can have your desired angle of view. It is mainly used to change the vertical angle around (5 to 15 degrees) therefore; It allows a clear view, especially for kids.

Full Motion Brackets

As the name shows the properties of this bracket, it provides the widest viewing angle. For these brackets, the manufacturers use different terms to relate like swivel, Extending Arm and articulating.


The way it mounts on the wall is that it is anchored on one side, and swivel arms extend outwards from the other side. It can be minimized and folded against your viewing angle.

How to get the best TV Mounting Service?

Most of the TV mounting services are very durable, and you don’t need to change them quite often. Indeed, televisions are the origin of news and entertainment in any sort of domestic family.


After a very hectic and busy day, people like to watch TV to relax from a busy day. Now the question arises in every person’s mind, which is the best place for TV mounting and installation in homes? And how to do the things? Where to get the full view? Don’t worry about that because we are here to take care of things for you.

TV Mounting Installation

Have you bought a new LED TV? You are eager to get it mounted precisely so that you can experience a perfect mini cinema at your home. There is no doubt that you have spent a lot of your money buying a TV and you won’t like to get it wasted. As you know that mounting a TV is really a big deal.


Do you really want to do it yourself? Remember, you must avoid doing this if you are not an expert. Mounting a TV can break or spoil your wall. If TV is mounted in a non-professional way, you put your expensive and dearly appliance at risk.


TV Mounting Professionals offer you the service of TV mounting in an incredibly professional way also they guarantee that they will take care of your wall and TV too.


Plus, it will be at the price position to bring fun, entertainment, and comfort together.


After doing TV wall mount installation, TV Mounting Professionals facilitate you with various options to hide the wires. That will help you to manage a neat and clear appearance.

Benefits of Mount your TV on a wall

Let’s explain some significant benefits of mounting LED screens on the wall to our visitors.

  1. TV screens are meant to be mounted.

The primary reason you want to mount your TV is its structure and the way it is designed. The Modern Plasma, LED, or LCD convinces us to be mounted on the wall.

  1. It saves space

When we install our big screens on the TV cabinets, it occupies some space; however, TV Mounting on the wall saves treasured space.

  1. Excellent Viewing Angle


The big LED screen in the living room offers a tremendous picture, but it will give you more enjoyment if you mount your TV on the wall. You can customize the place to your groove anywhere in the room, so mounting the large screen at perfect height provides an ideal sight to everyone present there.

Why choose Professional TV Mounters for this job?

The things which make professional tv mounters unique and different from others are:


  • Professionally trained team to provide quality work.
  • Locally owned.
  • Quick service.
  • Devoted to our pride services.
  • Same day service.
  • Long term relationship with customers.


In today’s modern lifestyle, American people have busy schedules, and we know what it’s like to be and feel busy, so it’s next to impossible to do all the things you want by yourself but don’t worry, we are here to make it possible and easier for you.


Professional TV Mounters helps you not only with the new TV installation, but they also provide TV Dismount or Remount ServicesHome Tech Geeks is one of the top home tech service provider to choose from right away. It is composed of qualified technicians who are always ready to work for you.

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