These days, most young people say they want to have children but want to wait a few years because they still need to see the world. The idea of traveling with a baby or a toddler sounds like a nightmare to most couples. The plane rides, the exploring, and the adventuring seem like torture if you consider adding a kid to the mix. So, becoming parents is pushed to the side for a while in hopes of keeping traveling smooth. However, there are plenty of families traveling with their young children. Evi Siskos makes traveling the world with a toddler look easy and is the perfect example of what to do in this scenario.


Evi Siskos is an internationally nominated TV host, actress, author, and voiceover artist. You may have seen her traveling the world, hosting various shows to bring different cultures and history to audiences everywhere. Currently, she finds herself in Peru shooting a show as the Latina host and spokesperson for Display TV, a new app where people can watch her travel show.


On social media, Siskos shares her day-to-day life through Instagram stories and posts that show the beautiful destinations she visits for work. But what leaves her followers speechless more than the scenery is her son’s fantastic behavior as he comes along for the adventures. Mateo is a toddler who always looks happy to be exploring new places in the arms of his mom and dad. He makes traveling with children look like a perfect dream.


We asked Siskos to share her best advice for parents traveling with young kids, and this is what she believes is the perfect way to do it.


Have patience


“Having patience,” says Mateo’s mom, “when traveling with young kids is a must, especially when trying to conquer challenges that might arise. This last month while in Cusco, we decided to climb the rainbow mountain, which is 17,000 feet, with our toddler, Mateo. It was not easy, but we made many stops, and instead of hiking, we rode horses that took us halfway and hiked the last bit. It took us way longer than what it would take normally, but it was well worth it.”


Be organized


“Being organized while traveling with young children will save you a lot of time,” explains Siskos, “and in the end, you will all thank yourselves for the effort. Before any exploring, we plan our day, our outfits, and snacks. It saves the headache in the morning, and we have an amazing start to the day.”


Having patience and being organized may seem like easy things to do, but they get more challenging when you are traveling and find yourself away from your comfort zone. But Siskos’s experience shows it is the best way to enjoy yourself and help your child enjoy his time in a new place with new experiences. In the end, achieving the perfect trip will also be beneficial for your toddler. In Siskos’s case, she says, “Mateo is exposed to a lot of different languages, cultures, and skin colors, which I think is so beautiful. His family speaks different languages, eats different foods, dances to different music. Overall this will make him more understanding and respectful towards others as he has been exposed to a very colorful world since he was born.”


Although it may not look like it, traveling with children does not have to be a nightmare. You can fulfill your dream of seeing the world while being a parent. If you do not believe it, take one look at Evi Siskos’ life and social media accounts — she is living proof that traveling the world with a toddler can be easy.

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