Fashion designers contribute to the billions of dollars worth of clothing, shoes, and accessories purchased by customers each year. Designers are well aware of their power, and they will continue to wield it to shape global fashion trends throughout the ages. These designers produce both unique clothes and those that reflect current fashion trends.

Many designers from outside the West had a significant effect on fashion, and many popular Western designs were adopted all over the world. One such example is the famous British-Indian fashion designer Nikita Karizma, who marked her territory in the fashion world with her unique and exquisite designs.

Fashion graduate from the London College of Fashion, Nikita creates beautiful and delicate fashion wear pieces, fashion accessories, and lifestyle products that add value and style to your life. She based her designer brand ‘Nikita Karizma’ on the sole idea of representing women, empowering them, enabling them to feel beautiful through her fashion wear, and providing them with a self-assured personality to rock the world.

Nikita’s fashion revolves around the idea of ‘Expressed By You’. Nikita has a very keen eye for the relation between fashion and personality representation. Style and personality, according to fashion psychology, are inextricably linked. We have all heard that ‘shoes determine our identity’, but Nikita makes sure that it is not only about a pair of shoes or boots but also about the accessories we wear and the outfits we choose. It can also have a significant impact on our personality and conduct.

The fashion pieces by Nikita Karizma display the various dimensions of style personas, including expressive, passionate, classic, and easygoing. Women’s different fashion personalities explain why they have diverse clothes and style preferences. The designs of the young designer highlight her client’s needs and base the fashion piece on the features of their personalities.

For people with an expressive fashion personality, Nikita offers feel-good articles of clothing. She adds romance to her fashion to bring up her inherent attractiveness with feminine touches and appealing silhouettes. For Nikita, every day is an opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. She encourages women to express themselves with bright colors, quirky patterns, and exquisite jewelry because they aren’t scared to try new things or stand out in a crowd.

The designer brand ‘Nikita Karizma’ is known for its Zero-Waste Designs – Celebrity Tested – Expressed By You tagline. Her outfits and fashion products are made from zero-waste materials. They have a Zero-Waste project where they recycle fabric remnants from the studio. They provide the surplus fabric to students and artists to make tote bags for foster children in the United Kingdom.



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