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Fake News! How CNN Can Rebound From Their Latest Embarrassments

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CNN has been “exposed” as fake news. Not just liberal news, they’ve always been that, but they’ve crossed the line. The continued and constant coverage concerning possible collusion amongst the president and Russian hackers has led to scandal. According to tape recordings, CNN has found nothing, but still pushes the story regardless. They fired three reporters after they made up a meeting between Russia and one of Trump’s people.

With that, CNN went from a network that supported a liberal narrative with arguably one-sided facts to a fake news network. They are FNN in many people’s eyes, including mine.

However, they can recover and bolster their viewer base if they make the correct chess moves going forward. Starting with this Russian collusion story.

It’s time to roll back on Russia

The Russian hacking story isn’t a story in my opinion. It never was a legit story if I’m being brutally honest. It was either a ploy to appeal to the left side that hates and denies the president and/or it was CNN’s newsroom allowing their biases to push them overboard.

Their insistent fixation on over-covering this story is what’s ruining their brand and it’s hard to tell if CNN is pressing this story based on a cerebral marketing reason or an emotional meltdown. News people are professionals, but politics brings out the emotion in anyone who remotely cares. *

If emotion is superseding logic, then the insistence on pressing the collusion/hacking story is understandable even if inexcusable. They need a figurative slap in the face to wake them up. This story isn’t a real story, at least not anymore if it ever was, and the bulk of their screen time and resources need to be allocated elsewhere.

However, CNN would want to give themselves a veil of subtlety when relinquishing the Russia story just to save face. Don’t drop it like it’s hot because then that’s silently admitting that it was bogus and they want to continue a charade of belief. So, don’t drop the story completely, but roll back the coverage and become more of a standard news block.

The next move is to decide what CNN focuses on next. They still have an identity. They aren’t unbiased; they still clearly hate the president. What they need to do is to target the president on something that is legitimate instead of searching for a pot of gold at the end of a Russian rainbow. And there are numerous significant angles that CNN could legitimately criticize the president that wouldn’t even remotely qualify as fake news.

It’s time to focus on healthcare.

The president and the GOP are a traveling circus act when it comes to healthcare. No, that’s an understatement. What they are is the clown employee base of a traveling circus act and they are taking turns driving the over-packed car, wearing the giant red shoes, and of course the president has the fluffy fuzz ball nose.

They have all the advantages in the House, the Senate, and the Executive but they still are failing to hammer down a replacement bill. The best chess move for CNN would be to focus on that chaos. Because healthcare is major. It’s major before the outlandish statements from Senators Clinton and Warren that basically accuse the GOP of plotting mass murder.

Despite it’s importance, what I don’t see enough of is reports that explain what exactly is wrong with the healthcare bill. CNN should go about acquiring more than generic statements from senators like Cruz and Lee and those saying it’s a “tax break for the wealthy.” No, ask them point blank for specific examples as to how this bill would work in specific scenarios and what exact negatives would arise from it.

How is it a tax break? Is it a tax break just for the top 1% or does it trickle down to the middle class? Is that the sole objection? What do other key Democrat senators think of the bill specifically?

Get Cory Booker and Al Franken on and get them to explain why this bill is wrong for the American people. Too many people don’t fully understand healthcare and it’s up to the news to educate them. Take the initiative and become a teacher.

Talk about the wall.

This isn’t China in the 14th century. Building a “wall” sounds so basic that a child probably could come up with that. Now, personally I think with some imagination and innovation, a wall could be effective. But CNN should probe the logic behind it and the details surrounding it. All the American people know is the president wants it and we’re not sure if Mexico or US will pay for it.

There’s like a dozen questions they can ask and make into segment topics.

What materials will make up the wall? Who will be in charge of construction? How high? Where will it range from beginning to end? How long is it estimated to take to build? Where are the blueprints? Is this just a wall or is their additional security? Does the wall include gateways? Are we sure this will deter illegal entry or could it be interpreted as a taunt and increase attempts? How much is this going to cost regardless of whomever foots the bill? What are the maintenance costs going to be? Is Mexico going to pay for that too? Are you going to have to hire more border patrol officers? Do you anticipate any of the four states bordering Mexico to “resist” or protest in court like some have for the travel ban?

There are 14, right there. Find out these answers. Of course the president will probably dance around some of it, so criticize the dancing. If he gives the indication that they haven’t gotten those details down, then criticize him for not planning far enough ahead, which is more than valid.

Seriously, the United States may put up a wall…a wall…this is a gold mine of a story and no one is covering it at this point in time. Get your pickaxes and notebooks and start digging.

Talk about DeVos and Education, Pruitt and EPA.

I believe there’s no woman hated more in the country than Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. Well…Hillary is still up there, but DeVos and she could have a contest.

DeVos comes off as this sweet woman in over her head. She’s not stupid, but she is a total klutz and politically duller than the president. Her statements about HBCs were not well thought out to say the least (they make her seem stupid) and her past with using public funds to finance private schools is sketchy.

On social media, it’s safer to talk about the Kama Sutra than it is to have a positive opinion of Betsy DeVos because nearly any teacher (Admit it. You know at least three classmates who became teachers), will roast you alive.

CNN should focus on this woman. Focus on how she received her position by an unprecedented tiebreaker vote (for a cabinet position anyway) by VP Mike Pence.

Focus on her plans, which most likely are going to make a lot people angry, and focus on the money. If she’s as bad financially as the liberal side claims she is, they can roast her on the numbers. By making her look terrible, they can roll the blame towards the president who hired her.

As for Scott Pruitt, there are plenty of reasons to target him too. Even though I have sided with the executive on many of the issues, I personally called Senator John Cornyn’s office to object to the selection on Scott Pruitt.

Pruitt, a lawyer and baseball team owner before public office, has ties to oil and gas. He’s even sued the office that he now currently in charge of. Then there’s his EPA colleague Myron Ebell, who is so embedded in coal he probably is Santa Claus’s supplier. These men have reason to believe in climate denial regardless of strength of evidence.

Furthermore, Pruitt has absolutely zero qualifications for the job. His background is in political science, not actual science. If climate change is real, then the president has chosen the guy “Most Likely to Boil Us Alive,” to act as a catalyst to the process.

These men should be grilled because what they’re doing is controversial and if wrong, potentially fatal. A Russian collusion story just diverts public attention off them. How many scientists could CNN bring in to rebut these men?

I recommend PhD candidate Austin Osmanski of Angelo State and Texas Texas University first, please.

Criticize heavily the people who threaten the president.

I stress this above all because CNN needs to have some way back to a light of impartiality. There is not a more reasonable and rational opinion to have than to say the president does not deserve to be killed.

So far, CNN has indicated that they don’t care. They did so when, a month ago, they took almost the entire day to fire Kathy Griffin from her guest New Years Eve spot with Anderson Cooper after she did a photo shoot holding a duplicate dummy head of the president that was given the appearance to have been decapitated and bludgeoned.

Fox News has ignored that giant coffin nail by not emphasizing just how ignorant CNN was last month. Because let’s be clear. They took hours…hours on what should’ve been decided in a nanosecond. Of course the woman should be fired! Are you kidding me?! How in the name of Jimmy Breslin and Walter Cronkite is a news organization supposed to put up even a camouflage of neutrality when it has on the payroll, someone who wants to CHOP OFF THE COMMANDER AND CHIEF’S HEAD?!?!


There’s stupid and there’s willfully stupid. CNN combined both with the asinine naivety that maybe she wouldn’t receive a copious amount of backlash and then they disregarded how the White House would receive it. If CNN wants the president to grant them an interview or use them as an outlet, they must convey enough cordiality to warrant it.

It really doesn’t matter that they fired her. The fact that they waited is reason enough for the president to deny them access to anything. Sure Anderson Cooper said he disagreed, but the fact that Griffin’s actions didn’t warrant the swiftest of terminations sends a terrible message to anyone with a modicum of intelligence. CNN doesn’t care if the president dies.

To correct that, CNN should pull no punches and outright shame and denounce the next celebrity threat to the president. Seriously, discuss and suggest imprisonment. Make the next idiot the sacrifice. And then torch the rest. Griffin, Johnny Depp, whoever else to make for lost opportunity. Because many Americans, regardless of party, would rather execute these celebrities for treason than risk the president’s life.

If CNN wants to regain credibility and maintain ratings, they best should start there. Because while I’m sure many of their employees wouldn’t mind the president dying, calling for nonviolence is the easiest sentiment to fake.

After all, they’re the FNN right now. Might as well fake something that could help them.

*For those pessimists who roll their eyes at that, understand that news people, regardless of their stances, do love the news. Their type of occupation requires that level of devotion. It isn’t like having a cashier job or a secretary position where it’s solely an income source. News is a career and careers require love in order to be successful. When you love something, it’s quite possible to let your emotions overwhelm your judgment and in CNN’s case, it could be a case of lemmings following each other overboard.

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