Kudos to those of you who took my advice and grabbed Will Fuller at the bargain price of $5,600. He came through with flying colors, even besting my projection of a 4-75-1 line with an impressive 5-107-1 line.

Read on for some Week Two bargains with high ceilings and low price tags that you can find on FanDuel

Quarterback – Tough to select a signal caller this week at a bargain price as the top 10 are all over the $8,000 tag. I will be going with Jimmy Garoppolo for $7,100. The Patriots are at home against the Dolphins, and that could mean a ton of opportunities for their super sub. Miami has an above average front seven so the Pats running game will be stalled. Couple that with the Dolphins offense now using a no-huddle version and allowing Ryan Tannehill to audible on most plays, one of two things will happen; either he succeeds, and the game becomes a shootout or he fails and Jimmy G. gets extra possessions to work with. My prediction will be a conservative 22-37 for 285 yds and two touchdowns.

Running Back- There were a couple of choices for me here, but being a bargain hunt I went with the least expensive and selected Theo Riddick at a cool $5,900, coming off a 25 plus week one total made it easier to choose but also facing a Tennessee defense didn’t hurt either. I understand he doesn’t get the carries that Ameer Abdullah gets, but he is a reception machine. Look for his success to continue to a prediction of 8 carries for 45 yards along with seven receptions for 60 yards and a score.

Wide Receiver- There are a lot of choices at this position, but I went with Michael Crabtree with a price of $6,200. He is the sure hands guy in Oakland while super sophomore Amari Cooper develops. Crabtree had a nice game last week with a 14.2 point day. That will go up against the Swiss cheese secondary in Atlanta. Look for a stellar showing to the tune of 8-95-2 stat line. This game could very easily become a shootout.

Tight End- Only one choice for me here- Gary Barnidge for $6,000. He has a great working relationship with Josh McCown, the new starting QB in Cleveland. Expect a return to All-Star form for Mr. Barnidge. Last year with McCown at the helm, Barnridge averaged a cool 5.8 – 80 – .75 slash line. Expect a little above average this week, say 7-85-1.

As always, your opinions matter hit me up for congrats or for missing badly.