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Fantasy Football: Start or Sit Tyreek Hill in Week 15?


December 15, 2016

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Tyreek Hill has been one of the biggest surprises in the latter half of the fantasy football season, as the dynamic receiver has seen his snaps and touches gradually increase as the season has marched along. Over the last four weeks, Hill has become a fantasy dynamo, also only Antonio Brown has scored more fantasy points in that stretch, and only Brown and three other receivers (Gabriel, Sanders and Dontrelle Inman) average more fantasy points than Hill does in that same stretch.

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What makes Hill so dangerous is that the Chiefs give him the football in a variety of ways. He returns kicks, he gets rushes and he gets targets. Kansas City manufactures targets for him with screens, slants, you name it. The key here is they have recognized that Hill is their best playmaker and they do whatever they can to get the ball into his hands. His athleticism does the rest, and has led his fantasy owners to victory. The Chiefs have also been more likely to open up for big plays with Hill in their lineup, meaning he won’t be relegated to the Alex Smith Wide Receiver Special (a bunch of check downs for only a handful of yards).

Luckily for those itchy to start Hill in the first week of their fantasy playoffs, he takes on the Titans and the defense that allows the most fantasy points to wide receivers on the year.  The Titans have earned every bit of that #1 ranking, as it wasn’t a handful of blowups that led to that ranking, it is a consistent pattern of wide receivers having solid fantasy games against them, with no blowup game dragging them up the ranks. They’ve allowed nineteen wide receivers to get a touchdown or 100 yards against them this year, and they allowed four double-digit fantasy points to four WRs in their last two games (and seven in their last four games). Wide receivers torching the Titans has been a steady and consistent drum beat this season.

Tyreek Hill has been a fantasy force over the last month or so, and he is a start this week. It’s an easy decision to make, as the Titans have been woefully unproductive at stopping wide receivers this season. Next week might not be such an easy choice in your finals. Hill and Kansas City take on the Broncos, who will be ready for Hill and stop him from scoring against them three times like he did in week twelve.

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