Features You Must Check When Looking for Wireless Security Cameras

Security cameras and surveillance equipment have risen to prominence recently in residential and commercial settings. With property crime rates taking an upward curve in residential and commercial areas, wireless security cameras are now becoming universal devices no matter the type of building.

If you plan to install a security camera system in your house or office, you must understand what features to look for while purchasing. Here are some of the must-have security cam features that you should look for. 

Video Quality

An essential feature that you should check when buying a security camera is the video quality. Like night vision and low light settings, security cameras lagged in resolutions and quality until recent years.

Most of the security cam videos tend to produce blurry, choppy, and pixelated low-quality videos with slower refresh rates. But the new wireless cam models now offer a maximum of 720p to 1080p resolution for streaming and recording. If you have an internet connection with good bandwidth at the premises, go for cams offering a full 1080p feed. 

Night Vision Feature

Until a few years back, consumer-grade security cameras were not pros when it came to night vision performance. When cameras are working in the dark, it needs a good light source to illuminate the area. Even the model which comes with night vision illuminators can capture only shorter ranges with a fixed brightness.

The video quality dips in such cameras as it provides only over-exposed scenes with blurry graphics. However, all hope is not lost. Many consumer-grade wireless security cameras available in the market now offer a good range of coverage, even forty feet in some cases. 

Such wireless models are also equipped with advanced night vision infrared illuminators. This feature helps adjust brightness in a scene automatically and exposes objects in full detail. 

Smartphone App Feature

Go for a wireless security cam that can be integrated with a smartphone application. All security cams come with user-friendly smartphone applications these days. A good app usually presents the various features of the camera logically and intuitively. 

Besides monitoring everyday activities, the mobile app can also be a good platform that notifies you when an intruder is at the door. Purchasing a cam with this feature helps you be vigilant even when away on vacations.

Two-Way Audio

Cameras that enable two-way communication allow the person behind the video monitor to talk to the person in front of the camera. 

When you choose wireless security cameras with this feature, you can communicate with the person who visits your house when you are away or home alone. In case it is an intruder, you can immediately notify law enforcement about their presence and the way you caught them on camera. 

Few security teams use this feature and offer services that include live guards monitoring the screens for surveillance. If you work with any such surveillance teams, the camera with a two-way communication feature allows the live guards to intervene through the security camera’s mic and contact 911 immediately. 

Automation and Motion Sensors

Motion sensor and automation is yet another feature that offers significant advantages when monitoring an area. This feature’s primary benefit is that it cuts down large amounts of footage being recorded and frees up tons of storage space on the cloud. 

Wireless security cams with motion sensor feature also consume lesser data as it does not backup loads of footage to the cloud. A few advanced motion sensor systems also come with movement tracking, where the camera turns and follows the person who is in the field of view. When any intruders step into the premises, the motion sensors can trigger alarms and notify you of potential danger.

Field Of View

Viewing angle is another important factor you should consider when purchasing and installing a wireless security cam. 

If the camera has a narrow viewing angle, it may record or capture less, but the video may offer great details as the object or person will appear closer in this angle. A wider-angle security cam records an extensive area without you rotating or repositioning the device. 

Cloud Backup and Remote Access

It is essential to have remote access to live feed and video recordings from the camera. All the new models have the smartphone application feature, which gives you control over the device and its data. 

You get the liberty even to activate and deactivate different cameras while you are away from home. The system also lets you store recorded footage on the cloud by creating backups. 


These are some of the basic features that a good wireless security cam comes with. In case you need an extensive security blanket, reach out to a security surveillance agency for direction regarding the type of setup for your family and home. 

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