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College students have a lot going against them when it comes to staying healthy. There’s the stress of coursework and packed schedules. And there’s that new-found independence, which can take some unhealthy forms — think all-you-can-eat meal plans and be pulling all-nighters.

Colleges and universities are working hard to help their students stay in shape and stay that way. This guide gives information and advice on achieving and maintaining good health and fitness throughout college – and beyond.

College Fitness Tips: Getting healthy and staying healthy in college is the ultimate struggle. The dining hall food is usually drenched in fats and sugars and having so much food readily accessible to you does not help. Plus, class schedules, extracurriculars, and (let’s face it) parties give you little to no time to go to the gym.

Here are some tips and tricks prepared by essay4us for getting, and staying fit while away at school.

How Many Exercises Do Students Need? A balanced, healthy fitness regimen for any adult includes two key elements: Cardioversion and strength training. And for many, regular stretching is an integral part of its regime. Below are recommendations on how much college students bring.

Five Important Tips for Creating Healthy Habits: Creating new habits can sometimes feel like a mountain battle. But here are some tips and hints that will help you succeed on the path to a healthy lifestyle.

• Get on schedule: Most students have good intentions. But you can easily forget about healthy food and the movement of your body when balancing packed schedule and busy social life. But by turning these key elements into your daily schedule, you can really help them. Write the food plan for each day and follow it. Schedule of small volumes of exercises during the day. Another ten minutes between each of your classes can be completed.

• Keep water comfortable: Staying in a hydrated state is something many students do not think, but that’s important. Having accumulated a habit of keeping a full bottle of water in the book bag at any time.

• Find a fitness buddy: It’s just to stick to healthy habits when they are passed on to someone else. Ask your neighbor to join or find an athlete in the gym. If someone is waiting for you, you will see a workout.

• Download the training program: Smartphone apps can make it easier to match some quick tasks and track your physical education goals. Many also include active communities where you can find training partners to help you ensure responsibility.

• Don’t forget breakfast: It’s the most important meal of the day! In a study published in The American Society of Nutritional Sciences’ Journal of Nutrition, researchers found that breakfast calories are more filling and satisfying than calories eaten later in the day, which led to lower calorie consumption overall.

• Invest in Healthy Snacks: Keep your fridge stocked with fruits, yogurts, and protein-rich foods. Almond milk is essential for my fridge. When I’m craving something sweet, dark chocolate and dried fruit do the trick nicely. Also, I keep water on hand at all times. Staying hydrated will make you feel and look so much better.

Having water and healthy snacks on hand will allow you to kick those late-night cravings for taco bell and pizza and keep you on the right track.

And with all of this great food in your dorm or apartment, you can pack a few snacks to munch on in class throughout the day. This should help keep you away from the fast foods, vending machines, and campus convenience stores as well as save some money.

• Get to The Gym: Go to your school’s fitness center! Most school gyms have group fitness classes that are a fun alternative to running on a treadmill or lifting weights alone. Plus, the gym has people in there that usually know what they’re doing and would love to help you get a great workout in!

You don’t have to go to the gym every day, but try and make the effort to go twice a week and supplement other exercises in throughout the week. If you find going to the gym a hassle, you can always consider investing in a treadmill recommended by Verellenhc.

• Try Walking Around Campus And Using The Stairs: I know walking across campus in the cold or rain to catch an 8 am class sounds horrible, but I promise it’s worth it. Walking and moving between classes helps burn calories and keeps you moving.

Taking the stairs helps work your thighs and glutes and burns more calories than using an elevator.

By finding small ways to keep moving, you being making more health-conscious decisions without even realizing it! Your lungs will thank you when you aren’t wheezing after getting to your class on the fourth floor.

• Find Supplemental Workouts That You Like: I started doing kickboxing during my senior year of high school. I loved it! I lost weight, I was gaining muscles, I felt strong, and I was having fun while doing it! Doing kickboxing introduced me to the world of MMA. It became a new passion of mine.

My school doesn’t have a kickboxing class or heavyweight bags, I couldn’t continue doing the same workouts that I was used to. I began shadow boxing in my room during homework breaks. I would do pushups while binge-watching my favorite Netflix series. While I didn’t hit the gym every day, having small sets of workouts and activities to do once a day helps keep your body moving and keep your muscles strong.

• Get Inspiration: I love following fitspo Instagram pages and watching YouTube videos of people’s workout routines, MMA training, etc. Along with these videos, I find nutritional tips and tricks and ways to make staying healthy fun and ever-evolving. If you ever find yourself in a health slump, the videos provide motivation and inspiration to keep going!

• Love Yourself: Don’t beat yourself up because you don’t look like a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show model or because that number on the scale isn’t going down. Being healthy is about feeling good and doing what is right for you. The journey to health isn’t an easy one, but once you learn how your body works and what makes you feel good, you’ll be set and the journey will become one that you’ll never forget.

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