Looking to lose weight? You’re not alone. People are always looking for exciting and new ways to lose weight and get in better shape. The truth is, it isn’t that complicated. You just need to eat at a calorie deficit until you get to a weight you’re happy with. In practice though, that is harder than you’d think. Here’s how to stick to your weight loss goals.

Start with realistic expectations

First off, you’re not going to get to your goal weight in a week. It takes time for your body to burn excess fat, so you need to start with realistic expectations. A safe weight loss target is 1 to 2 pounds per week, so that should be the maximum you should aim for. Any more and you could cause further health problems. Remember, losing weight is a marathon, not a sprint.

Think about what really motivates you

What is your motivation to get in better shape? Do you want to look good at a friend’s wedding? Do you want to be more attractive to your partner? Do you want to fit into a certain outfit? Whatever your motivation is, it’s a powerful tool to stick to your weight loss program. You can keep a note or picture on hand if it reminds you why you’re doing it.

Keep unhealthy foods out of the house

Temptation is the hardest thing you have to overcome when you’re trying to lose weight. There will be times when you want to gorge on chocolate. But you need to stop this from happening if you want to succeed. One of the most effective methods is to remove the temptation entirely. Keep unhealthy foods out of the house and replace them with low-calorie alternatives.

Don’t have an ‘all or nothing’ approach

Again, weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint. That means you need to play the long game. Don’t cut everything out for a week and then start overeating the next week. Make the weight loss manageable and constant. And remember, if you learn to get back on the horse, you will eventually reach your goals.

Include exercise you enjoy

Exercise is a great way to speed up your weight loss goals. However, if you don’t enjoy it, you won’t stick at it. Find a type of exercise that you enjoy, whether it’s a team sport or walking for half an hour every day. Weightlifting is an underrated form of exercise for weight loss – it doesn’t involve too much cardio and it builds muscle, which means you can consume more calories.

Use the right technology

Using tech is a great way to achieve your weight loss goals. Fitness apps can help you track workouts, count calories, and measure your performance. The LIFE weight loss tracking app is one of the best options for you because it covers everything you need to lose weight.

Carry healthy snacks

There are plenty of healthy snacks available that will help you deal with hunger pains. Nuts, apples, bananas, protein bars (as long as they are low on calories), and boiled eggs are all fantastic ways to keep you going in between meals. Carry them around and you will be able to avoid temptation.



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