Although we would all love to have an entire garage to dedicate to turning into a home gym, it’s not an option for most of us. That said, even if you are currently renting a small apartment, that doesn’t mean you can’t do decent home workouts. Here is how to work out in a small apartment.

Use versatile equipment

You might not be able to get a huge state of the art treadmill into your apartment, but there are still plenty of options for equipment that can be used and not take up too much space. Choose items that can be easily stored and used for different exercises. For example, using a kettlebell can build muscle and tone as well as build stamina and strength. They are perfect for squats, deadlifts, lunges and to add weight to sit-ups. These kettlebells are also great as they have rubber-encased heads to minimise noise whilst also reducing the wear and tear to your floor – ideal if you rent! Another great space saver is a pull-up bar that can be mounted in a doorway. Not only does it take up no space at all, but it’s also a great reminder every time you walk through the door to get a workout in.

Consider your neighbours

No one wants to start a feud with their neighbours so it’s important to be considerate. As well as choosing rubber encased weights to reduce the noise every time you bounce it down, you can also use mats or flooring in your gym area to keep things quieter too, especially if you are planning on doing any sort of running or jumping.

Use what you’ve got

You would be surprised how many different exercises you can do just on your sofa. They won’t quite beat a real gym full of equipment, but you can utilise a chair or sofa to work on lunges, dips, side planks and more. Position your normal mirror somewhere in front of you when you’re lifting weights as this will allow you to correct your own form and reduce the risk of injury, even without someone else watching you. Set aside a specific space in your apartment where you will keep your equipment and work out. If possible, keep things as set up as you can, in order to motivate yourself to workout – although it might look tidier if it’s put away, you are less likely to want to move things around before you start to workout, so make things as easy for yourself as possible.

It can be easy to come up with excuses not to workout – we all do it! However, being able to workout from home, even if it’s in a small space, means no commute to the gym, no other people getting in your way, and no external judgement. A small space is better than no space, so get your mat out and get going, there is no time like the present.

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