It’s here! I feel like a kid at Christmas. WrestleMania 33 is here. Like all wrestling fans, I have waited for this day like I waited for Hanukkah Harry and Santa Claus to leave presents when I was a child.


The only problem is, I’m a bit worried about this card. Too many matches, not enough build for some of the storylines and in the end, Undertaker leaves the business. If there was a time to be sad, for myself as a wrestling fan, it’s right about now.

I suspect there will be plenty of subplots to build on as the company moves toward SummerSlam and says goodbye to ‘Taker, Big Show and possibly Nikki Bella. Yes, add a little love connection to this show as well. Seeing John Cena in a mixed-gender tag match is about as odd a thing you will see as Santino Marella in a dress.

Oh, wait a minute…

We know the outcome of a few matches, Cena’s included. Expect Goldberg to drop the Universal Title, Gallows and Anderson to retain and Alexa Bliss to remain SmackDown Women’s Champion. After that, everything is a guessing game.

Never fear, however, I’m here to give you five things that have to happen tonight in Orlando at WWE’s biggest night of the year.

Sasha Banks Must Turn on Bayley

The ranks of the babyfaces on Raw is thin to begin with, but this has to happen. A storyline leading to SummerSlam must see a divorce between The Hugger and The Boss.

Both ladies put on a show in NXT, much to the delight of fans. Since Bayley has moved to the main roster, her character has been stale. Her championship run hasn’t been spectacular. Champions are supposed to beat all foes. Bayley has lost non-title matches, which makes her look weak.

Banks is the popular choice when it comes to beating Charlotte and Nia Jax, but could find her feelings hurt if the fans continue to support the “Little Lady That Could.”

Kevin Owens Must Lose to Chris Jericho

As odd as this sounds, a loss to Jericho helps Owens move on to another program, hopefully with Brock Lesnar and the Universal Title in play.

Jericho has to make Owens look like the top heel in the company, without losing the title. Where the six-time world champion falls into place after this feud isn’t a question to answer yet. Maybe a program with Samoa Joe or Finn Balor with the title on the line.

Owens has to be booked as the top heel on Raw so a confrontation with Lesnar makes plenty of sense.

The Return of Finn Balor

While it is a sure bet Nakamura will make his move to the main roster after WrestleMania 33, Finn Balor’s return tonight in Orlando is necessary.

I see Balor in a role of savior in the Seth Rollins/Triple H match, which could lead to a confrontation with the King of Kings or even better yet, another feud with Samoa Joe. Balor’s injury is healed and fans have awaited his return to the ring. The problem I foresee with his return is there isn’t a title match for him to work with.

Maybe that changes with Owens or Jericho, but for now, this makes the most sense.

Bray Wyatt Must Retain the Strap

I have read plenty of comments on the match between Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt. There is a pretty even split on who should win. For the sake of his build as a champion, Wyatt must go over tonight.

Wyatt has worked tirelessly over the past six-plus years to get to this point.

Orton is the perfect opponent for him to get over one again. While the feud and plotline has been good, but choppy at times, it was the right move by WWE. No one wants to see Orton as champion once again and taking the title off Wyatt means the company has lost faith in him as a champion.

The Phenomenal One Must Win

AJ Styles should beat Shane McMahon if for no other reason than to reward the former WWE World Champion for crappy booking.

McMahon’s place in this event is purely cosmetic as there isn’t a viable opponent for Styles. The company hasn’t decided to make him a babyface yet and his character is too good in the heel role.  Where Styles goes after this event is a mystery, but it won’t include McMahon. In a fantasy world, I would love to see Daniel Bryan defend the honor of the blue brand, but that’s not happening. The hope is Styles gets back to the main event picture, possibly as a babyface and The Miz as his opponent.


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