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Ella G. Burgos is a Peruvian composer, producer and bass player based in Los Angeles, CA. She moved to LA at the age of 20 to pursue a career in music and expand her knowledge to the next level. Ella has been working with artists in Hollywood such as Tamara Kumbula (Preach Records, RocNation), and playing around LA with nominated and award-winning band KingQueen (Hollywood In Media Awards, International Music Video Awards in Paris).

Ella G. Burgos

Ella G. Burgos started her music career back in Lima – the city she was born in. She learned and studied Music at UPC (University of Applied Sciences) with prestigious industry mentors such as Miguel Ginnochio, keyboard player for Laguna Pai and Bareto (well-known Peruvian bands). One day, Ella was introduced to a recording studio manager at “In-Music Lima”, who taught her everything she knows about production and engineering. This was before Ella decided to move to Los Angeles to expand her opportunities and meet people from the music industry in the US.


After moving to LA, Ella was introduced to Tamara Kumbula at the Musicians Institute – Hollywood and started to play in recognized venues around LA. Some of the venues they have performed together are “The Whiskey A-Go-Go”, “The Mint”, and “The Federal”. Ella has been playing with her ever since. “I got introduced to Tamara from a close friend of mine. She had just started publishing her own music and needed to start gigging around LA. So, I was totally free at the moment and believed in her. Not long after that, Tamara was featured by one of the biggest platforms in the music industry “Splice” and we got the chance to record in a big studio with her for “Grammy U. All of this was during the pandemic” Ella explains.

Ella G. Burgos

Ella G. Burgos has also been playing for KingQueen, a nominated and award-winning band.  At first, Ella was recommended to the band to record and engineer for them. She recorded and tracked drums for the band’s hit song “Roller Coaster” that got nominated to “Rock Song Of The Year” at the Hollywood in Media Awards and won “Best Band” at the International Music Video  Underground Awards in Paris. She was also part of the recording process of song “Live It Up”, which got them signed to the band’s new record label Curtain Call Records. Not long after that, Ella was selected as an official member of their band as a bass player. They have been performing around LA and California, with tour dates coming up around the US for the spring in 2022. Ella is now finishing the recording of drums and bass for the band’s upcoming first EP release with Curtain Call Records in the spring of 2022, as well.


“I am very happy I get to play with such talented musicians as KingQueen. Every time we have a performance or a gig, there is just such great energy coming from all of them and it just fills me up and I’m sure they feel the same. One of my good friends, amazing drummer Jake, is the one who put me in contact with them. I had fun all the way from the recording of what they needed in their album, to now being part of the band and performing with them. It’s just such an honor.” Ella says.


Apart from performing and playing, Ella has also been part of distinguished film productions as a music composer. Some of these productions are titles like “Listless” by The Focus Group (Official Selection at the IFF Boston and Manhattan Film Festival) in 2019, and “Oblivion” by The Five Sands (Official Selection at the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival and Jelly Film Festival Finalist) in 2020. “Listless” was also aired for the first time in June of 2021. First seen on DirectTV,  AT&T U-Verse, Google Fiber, and other platforms powered by SHORTS TV International Network.


Ella explains “I don’t think there is such a thing as doing too many things. I had a lot of people telling me that during my career. I mean, don’t get me wrong, if you focus on one or two at a time, that’s cool. Don’t try to do 10 things at a time. But eventually you will become really good at those two things. Just keep on doing it. You’ll become even better each day that passes”

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Photographer: Derrick K. Lee

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