How do you make sure you get the best opportunity? Where to find the best soccer betting tips? And what games to avoid in the world if you want to maximize your chances of winning? We give all the answers when we dive into soccer betting tips from a-z.

We start with reviews about different types of soccer betting.

1X2: The classics of all are still played on the winner of the given match. Most people know about this type of game, so don’t think about it anymore, but turn to…

Double Chance: Double Chance is an extra careful cousin of 1X2 bets. But a double chance can cover and play on two possible outcomes in the same match, either 1 / X, X / 2 or 1/2.

The advantage is clear, namely that the theoretical probability of winning a bet increases from 50% to 66.6%. The disadvantage is that your chances are often very low. That way, double chances are not necessarily a bad game.

Multier: Multi is a bet where you have at least 2 bets on the same coupon. With multi-fold odds for each bet with other bets on the coupon. If the coupon goes home, you will now win 4 times more money. The risk of some bets, of course, is that every bet on a coupon reduces your chances of hitting exactly. It is also widely accepted that playing for profit and not just entertainment, being single is the safest bet.

System bets: System bets are an alternative to multis, where not every drop on your coupon must go home for you to win. Game systems can, for example, 2 of 3, 4 of 5 or 6 and so on. Thus, you get a buffer. The disadvantage of the betting system is that you have to pay bets for each bet on the coupon so they can quickly become an expensive affair.

Good betting advice

There are a number of general tips that are important if you want to maximize your chances of knocking the bookies. Let’s look at them.

Consistent with effort

Whether you play for fun or serious, bankroll management is important if you want to avoid bankruptcy. And most of us will probably.

Therefore, it is important that there is not too much variation in your bets – your units – and that you do not invest too much of your money at a time. How much varies according to temperament, but most experts will say that 5% of your total money is the absolute maximum that you can bet on one bet. And for many people, it will be much lower.

Some actually prefer flatbetting. Flatbetting means betting on the same number of units regardless of the bet. Another variant of flat betting is betting the same percentage of your bankroll regardless of the bet. That way, the size of the amount will vary depending on where it goes. Proponents of flat betting assume that the value of a bet is purely subjective valuation and therefore it does not make sense to speculate on adjusting the amount for an opportunity rating. But here, in the sports bonus code, we don’t share that view. We believe that there are often large fluctuations in the value associated with bets, and therefore it makes sense to adjust the number of units according to the good odds you get with respect to your assessment of the likelihood of betting going home. . But it must be within reasonable limits.

Focus on one or several markets

It is inherently difficult to compete with bookies, who have an army of analysts, experts, and electronic tools available to help them gain mathematical excellence. But one way to reduce distance is to specialize in one market rather than playing in several different markets. You can focus on one bookmaker; you can find the best bookmakers with the help of Stake Hunters. By doing that, it will be much easier for you to keep abreast of developments in club form, internal strength, injury and quarantine etc. It might even be a good idea to look for a market that is less popular.

Leagues like the Premier League are difficult to follow intensely. Because so much content is produced and circulated so much information that it is also more difficult to obtain specific knowledge about. There is so much focus on the league that most people get the same knowledge. Therefore, it might be a good idea to look at a less popular market where the odds of facing your match at the wrong price by a bookie are greater.


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