Meet Derek C. Evans the founder and owner of D.C. Evans and Associates. He is an Author, Speaker and Businessman who was born and raised in Reading, Pennsylvania. He graduated from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Sports and Business Management. Derek is currently getting his master’s degree at Penn State University of Psychology of Leadership.

Derek favourite hobbies are reading, travelling, writing, fashion, and sports. He is the owner of D.C. Evans and Associates. D.C. Evans and Associates is a finance company that can do it all. He labels it a one-stop financial shop, as it can do anything from insurance, mortgages, investment planning and have recently started utilizing digital currency mining. He has millions of dollars in assets under management for D.C. Evans and Associates.

Recently, he has started a new venture with Black and Pink Media LLC. The goal for this company is to gain access to the music, fashion, sports, and gaming industries which is all the hobbies he loves doing.

I am an author and am working on my third book called “Black and Pink: More Than Just Colors”. My other two books are called “Make Your Book a reality” and “So Close to Death Yet So Far Away”. My first book ‘So Closed to Death Yet So Far Away” is my most successful book and has sold thousands of copies. The book is about my battle with Dysautonomia, which is a disorder I have battled since I was 17. Due to a flare-up in my disorder, I ended up collapsing while I was a manager at Hertz Rent a Car back in 2016.

This led Derek to a career change and is what inspired him to become an entrepreneur. He realized there had to be a better way.  A way where he had control over his time, health, and the amount of income he could earn. Besides being an author, he is also a songwriter (Ghostwriter to be exact). He has 25 songs on iTunes, Spotify and multiple platforms which helped contributed too. The genre he writes most is hip hop and punk-pop. He started writing songs when he was 11 years old. He is currently working on producing an album called ‘Long Overdue” which hopefully will release at either the end of 2021 or early 2022.

This album as well as his third book “Black and Pink: More Than Just colours will be released under Black and Pink Media. During his time as an entrepreneur and author, he has been asked to speak for several businesses, art shows, elementary classes, high school classes, college classes and events.

Derek has been featured in the Reading Eagle Newspaper, Channel 69 News (Philadelphia PA), BCTV, IUP Magazine, Berks County Living Magazine, Disrupt Magazine, Red EX Magazine and Thrive Magazine.

Personality-wise he extremely laid back but very driven. He has a relentless work ethic with a positive attitude. He also makes it a priority to read, pray and exercise every day.

My words of advice would be to “Never Give Up”, do what you love and do the right thing. Always remember to choose people over profit and build relationships. The relationship is everything when it comes to success. People do business with people they like and trust.

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