At least once a year, each of us faces a dilemma of what to give a friend for his birthday or a special day. And although you have known this person for many years, nevertheless it is always difficult to think of how you can surprise him this time. What to buy as a gift for someone who seems to have everything? How to congratulate a friend so that the gift will be remembered for a long time and remain useful? Here is the list of gift ideas that your picky friend will love.

World map made of wood

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel have time to read only the first page” — Art. Augustine.

Travelling actually makes us richer. While travelling, we learn more about life, culture and traditions of other countries. It is also a positive emotion. If the person to whom you want to present a gift travels regularly, then a present in the form of a wooden map of the world in the preferred colour will come in handy. The set also includes aeroplane pins, which he can use to mark places on the map that he already visited.

You can choose a single-layer or multi-layer card in a dark or light colour, which will be a great addition to the interior of the office, living room or bedroom, and will also motivate him for further adventures and trips around the world. And a nice addition to the card is LED backlighting.

Leather organiser

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A good quality leather organiser can also be used as a travel pencil case or cosmetic bag. It will easily fit small accessories, cosmetics, house and car keys, cards, all the necessary things in one place and always at hand.

And personalised engraving will turn such a stylish organiser into a great gift for a close friend.

Smart wallet

An RFID-protected smart wallet is a great gift for those who are worried about the safety of their personal information and money. Since RFID technology, based on a chip, is responsible for the safety of personal information on cards and protects them from being read.

The stylish wallet made of genuine dense leather with vintage and luxury vibes will be a great present.

LEGO set

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Remind your friend about childhood. Everyone loves LEGO, even if they’re not kids anymore. It’s cool! At first, enthusiastically assembling a constructor, and then putting the resulting masterpiece in a prominent place for others to admire. Choose a construction set that contains as many small details as possible, for example, the architecture of New York or San Francisco.

Experience as a gift

The thrill-seeker will be delighted with visiting karting. Such a gift will leave vivid impressions of that special day.

A friend who loves computer games will definitely appreciate a visit to a virtual reality room.

The most valuable gift for a fan will be a ticket to a concert of their favourite band or to a match of the team they support.


This gift is perfect for those who work at the computer, play games, like to listen to music or go to the gym. Headphones can be with or without a wire, with a microphone, built-in Bluetooth, noise-cancelling, Hi-End and Hifi.

Fitness bracelet

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If your friend is into sports, a fitness bracelet will come in handy. They not only count steps and calories but also monitor the pulse and sleep phases. With their help, you can measure your blood pressure and see who is calling if the phone is not nearby. Fitness bracelets are waterproof, with alerts, vibration and activity monitoring.

Vape accessories

It is no secret that many people smoke tobacco, and this clearly does not improve their health. Therefore, for those who care about the health of their relatives and friends, there is an opportunity to make smoking a less bad habit and present them a device for electronic vaping or, in simple terms, an electronic cigarette. An electronic cigarette is perhaps the most desirable gift for a smoker. And for those who are experienced vapers, you can always find good quality vape accessories that they will love.

A few more ideas:

-A car enthusiast can be pleased with a certificate for car maintenance, for example, covering with liquid glass.

-Hunter, sportsman, fisherman, a musician will love a certificate to their favourite store.

-The nature lover will be delighted with the eco-cube, in which you can grow blue spruce or pomegranate. There are a lot of plant options.


When choosing a special present for a friend, you should definitely take into account the sphere of his interests: favourite hobbies and interests.

Gifting is not only enjoyable but also fun, especially when your present is unlike anything else. To do this, you don’t have to look for something incredibly original, you just need to turn on your imagination.

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