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With the 2019-20 season almost half-way done, it is easy to say that the defending NBA champion Toronto Raptors have captured the hearts and imaginations of fans north of the border and galvanized an entire country like no other. When many Americans think of Canada, hockey, maple syrup and polar bears are likely to be the first things to come to mind. What may don’t know about the “Great White North” is aside from being the home soil of many of the top Playboy and Maxim hotties on the globe, it is also the birthplace of hoops, thanks to Dr. James Naismith

Cultural stereotypes aside, Canada has produced its fair share of ballers in the form of two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash, 2016 NBA champion Tristan Thompson and current NBA standouts such as Cory Joseph and Jamal Murray. However, thanks to his heroics during the raptors championship run, current Los Angeles Clippers small forward Kawhi Leonard, may have earned himself honorary Canadian citizenship. His game-winning shot over Joel Embiid and posterizing dunk over current NBA MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo are the stuff of national sports legend, and rest assured that his name can now be said aside the likes of Wayne Gretzky and Joe Carter.

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Fans all across Canada from The Yukon to Nova Scotia tuned in to see Leonard and the Raptors dethrone the two-time defending NBA champion Golden State Warriors in six games and bring the birthplace of basketball it’s first title. One such fan who was glued to their seat in seeing the Raptors beat Golden State was St. Catherine’s-area based fashion, lifestyle and swimwear model, Mackenzie Lubeck.

Despite being only 17, Lubeck exudes a sense of maturity and poise beyond her teenage years. Not quite a teen, and on the cusp of being a young woman, Lubeck has already appeared in 98 publications internationally, including eight covers and 14 fashion shows. At only 5’5, Lubeck lacks the height that most modeling agencies look for, but that clearly hasn’t stopped her from pursing her ultimate dream of being a Victoria’s Secret model, or walking the runways for some of Canada’s top fashion designers such as Maison de Courture, Suzy Q Jewel Fashions and Dassah Couture and publications such as Gladys Magazine, No8 Magazine, Le Magazine, Femme Rebel and World Model Hunt Magazine, as well as walking in New York Fashion Week with a reality show this coming spring.

Photos: New Unique Photography

Below is our Q and A as we talk modeling, hoops, branding and her ultimate hope of seeing her beloved Raptors defend their crown.


Who Is She?


Name: Mackenzie Lubeck

Age: 17

Height: 165 cm (5’5)

Birthplace: Niagara, Ontario, Canada

Measurements: Bust 79 cm Hips 85 cm

Publications/Media: 98 Publications Internationally, including 8 Covers and 14 Fashion Shows.

Social Media Links: Instagram: @miss_mackenzie_lynn

Photos: New Unique Photography

As a Cavs fan to a Raptors fan, congrats on winning the Finals! Where were you when the Raptors beat Golden State? I was sitting in front of the TV watching the game.

With Kawhi now gone, do you think the Raptors can defend their title? I would love Toronto to defend the championship.

As someone who is only 17, you’ve already amassed quite an impressive portfolio, why do you think that is? I have had a great support system with family and photographers that help me reach my goals.

Tell us all a little about you? I like to hangout with family and friends when I’m not modelling, going to our family cottage, and enjoying my 5 cats.  I also love singing and dancing so I spend a lot of time doing that.

Photos: New Unique Photography

What type of modeling do you do?(fashion, glamour, art, bikini, lingerie, etc.) I like fashion shoots, lifestyle, and swimwear shoots. I also enjoy branding.

Any big plans or projects in the works for 2020? Just to continue getting in bigger magazines and continue branding.

Define “Glamour Girl” what does it mean to you? Having the opportunity to wear beautiful clothes and great makeup.

Who inspired you to get into modeling? I got inspired and fell in love with the Victoria Secret Fashion Shows when I was younger.

Thoughts on the rise in popularity of modeling on Instagram? I really don’t have any other than if someone is doing something they enjoy or are passionate about, it provides a platform for them to present themselves.

Photos: New Unique Photography

Thoughts on the current #MeToo movement and how it’s effecting models, modeling and feminism. I am all for the #METOO movement and I think its about time.  Definitely empowering!!

Pumpkin spice, Salted Caramel or Peppermint Mocha? Peppermint Mocha for sure!!

What would you say is your best feature? I would have to say my legs and butt :)))

What is THE one hot fashion item that you must have/or get this season? I need a new Kate Spade Purse.

Photos: New Unique Photography

Athleisure? Fashion or fitness fad? Fashion

What fashion and fitness tips and trends do you have for looking good and staying in shape? Eat good, get sleep, and lots of walking.

What is one area that most people overlook—but should—pay attention to more in getting in shape? When it comes to exercise try to be consistent with your choices.  At the end of the day its important to like what you see when you look in the mirror and to feel good in your own skin.  Your inner beauty reflects on the outside too.

Sports: Any favorite teams, clubs and players? I really don’t follow sports too much but I would have to say any Toronto team.

What advice would you give to women aspiring to get into modeling? Believe in yourself and don’t be too hard on yourself and have patience. Be prepared to work hard because its not always glamorous.

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