Earlier this week, Brian Scalabrine started a rumor that the Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics were discussing a trade. The trade would send All-Star Klay Thompson to the Celtics in exchange for Avery Bradley, Jae Crowder, and a draft pick. Not just any draft pick, but the Brooklyn Nets pick.

The players involved are good and that alone might be with the look but the draft pick should make this deal a no-brainer. But, I get where the Warriors are coming from. Why trade one of your best players in the middle of a chance to get to your 3rd straight NBA Finals and destroy chemistry?

But, the NBA is still a business.

Thompson makes a ton of money, well deserved at that but this season he’s been more of a Ray Allen type then the all-around player he was for the last two seasons. Now, you add to the equation that Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant will be free agents this offseason and it begins to make sense why this would be a smart move.

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Bradley or Crowder is not on Thompson’s level, but together, mixed with the Warriors current set of players the team will work. Bradley averages 19 points and nine rebounds per game while shooting 40 percent from three-point range this season (Thompson shoots 31 percent). Crowder hit the mark with 14 points, six rebounds, and one block per. Thompson is a good defender but Bradley and Crowder are great. This was the Warriors issue last season as they let a 3-1 Finals lead disappear. With the loss of Andrew Bogut and Harrison Barnes, they are weak on that end. The newbies will help them get back atop of the league in that department while Curry, Durant, and Green can handle the offensive load.

Then you have the pick. By the way, the Nets are playing that can very well become a top 5 pick. Imagine the Warriors winning the championship then turning around and getting a top 5 piece for next year and still have the funds to resign Curry and Durant. Oh, my.

If Thompson were to be moved the Warriors will improve. Bradley is a good perimeter player and with his ability to play the point it will take pressure off Curry. Crowder can play the 3 and 4 which will provide rest for Durant and Green, an area they are lacking this season.

Thompson will be missed but fans are thinking and the short-term and not the long haul. A move of this magnitude will.set the Warriors up  for the next 5 years or more.

We as fans forget how this business is run. Bold moves have to be made in order for a team to continue to achieve success.