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Do you have any upcoming golf tournaments soon? Want to make a perfect first impression? If yes, you would know that high-quality golf signs and banners are an ideal way to begin with. They thank the donors and sponsors for their support and promote your event to the public. This ultimately contributes to having more guests and attendees coming back every year. 


The foremost thing to have some of the best signages is to hire a reliable golf sign company that meets all your requirements. In addition, make sure the company you choose for the same team specializes in creating custom banners and signage designs that increase your sponsor’s satisfaction during the tournaments. 


Another common thing that clients ask is how much is the total turnaround time for arranging the golf tee signages. Thankfully, now the process is much easier and faster. Well, we can say that the process nowadays takes as little as a day or two. 


Know What is Important to Consider with Golf Signs 


Generally, there are plenty of things to take care of when choosing the right tee signages. For example, it would be how the signs will look, how big they will be, how sturdy they will be, or the maximum validity. 


Understandably, it is necessary to showcase the logo, company name, and sponsor level. The benefactors who funded more money, mainly the Title sponsor, should be put on show extra remarkably. The other golf hole sponsors may take less time than yours to be a part of the design procedure. Normally, it is recommended to have golf tee signages with measurements of 1.5” X 2” and banners with a standard size of 2” X 6”. Keep in mind that colored banners will be more noticeable than the lame black and white banners. 


Quick Tips to Display The Golf Signages 


Ultimately, what matters the most is to display all those signs in the right manner. Usually, there is a plan of action created by the organizers to do the same. However, here’s a quick brief to help you. The Title sponsor banner should sway close to the enrollment area and should be moved towards the dining area during the evening time. The majority of the hosts ask their sponsors whether they would prefer their brand to be on the golf hole list or not. 


As of now, you are informed why custom signages for your golf tournament make sense. They showcase your stature and help build a strong identity in the community and your event as a must-visit attraction. Make sure to hire a renowned golf sign company that has already worked with athletic organizations and is well-known for creating visually appealing and aesthetic tee signs. 


So how do you bring life to your golf tournaments in general? Let us know in the comments; we’d love to hear from you.



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