Practising Yoga

Practising yoga can help you connect your mind and body and this is what we all need in our lives to achieve what we want and to be happy. It can help you reduce stress by combining versatile breathing exercises, meditation, and poses. Besides reducing stress it can also have many health benefits and you are about to find several of them that will make you start practising yoga from today.

  • Reduces anxiety – Yoga is definitely the most recommended practise when it comes to treating feelings of anxiety. This is because yoga helps you to be present at the moment as well as to find a sense of peace.

  • Good for your health – Practising yoga can lower your blood pressure and slow the heart rate. So, people who are suffering from high blood pressure or heart disease can benefit from a slower heart rate.

  • Can reduce chronic pain – Chronic pain can cause changes in brain structure, that often lead to anxiety, depression, impaired cognitive function etc. So, practising yoga actually has the opposite effect on the brain and thus can reduce chronic pain.

  • Improved posture – Practising yoga helps you become stronger and more flexible and such your posture improves. And once you have a better posture, you will say goodbye to any unwanted back pain.

  • Can relieve migraines – Migraines are usually treated with medications, but practising yoga is definitely a healthier alternative. It stimulates the vagus nerve which helps in lowering the headache frequency, intensity, and pain.

  • Can help you sleep better – Yoga can definitely improve your sleep quality. You will be able to fall asleep easily and wake up rested. And this is because yoga increases the secretion of melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep and wakefulness.

  • Can encourage mindful eating – Yoga encourages mindfulness and as such can help promote healthy eating habits. And these habits will definitely help control blood sugar, promote weight loss as well as treat any disordered eating behaviors.

To sum up, the above benefits are just some of the many that yoga can have on your mental and physical health. It can definitely improve the quality of your life, making you feel present at the moment and happier. So, how about you start practicing yoga today?

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