The social networks are the face of a company. what people see publicly of a brand. It is essential to make a good social media strategy and good planning which can help you to increase visibility and brand value in the market.

Some Basic Tips For Beginners

It is easy to share something on social media right? But we must sit down and plan what content we want to share to each social network.

We prepare some ideas in terms of content, but this section is very useful since it is probably most influenced depending on each company’s theme.

Why LinkedIn is necessary for your business

This is true that LinkedIn is essential social platform for your business, it increases the visibility of your brand. For better experience you can use LinkedIn social media management tool in order to get better result and good engagement with your followers and users.

LinkedIn ideal publication days: 2 or 3 times a week. It is good to be active but not abuse because if we start spamming, people will getting tired of us, just like on Facebook.

We will also talk about gaining followers in each social network, where the main thing is to share useful content.

Own content published in percentage: 50%. Own and foreign content in equal parts. The fundamental thing is that it is good content. And apart from that, make recommendations to articles that we see of good quality.

And finally, the frequency of publication in each social network, in addition to the percentage of our content that we must publish.

First of all, it is essential to have a Blog section for our company website.


This will be where we publish all the valuable content. This is essential to have it, since if we only have things of commercial value on our website, it will be more challenging to reach the client and get above position ourselves in search engines.

Also, having a blog will be much easier to share your useful content on social networks, so everything goes together.


We will explain this a little more thoroughly. The objective of the blog is to create content that is useful to our potential clients.

With this process, we will have prepare a valuable content. It is important to create a strategy for the blog by creating a content calendar. It is good to have specific dates to publish regularly on our blog. The most difficult are the ideas. What do we publish? Let’s go by steps. The first thing would be to think about the keywords about our company. Make a list and go to a keyword tool such as the Google Keyword planner. There, put the keywords and get ideas, and see the words that have the most searches volume on Google. Once we have the words, it would be time to brainstorm to get post titles.

This would be nice to do work with multiple people—the max number of people, makes greater creativity. The more titles are better, and when we have the titles, we only need to write the post.

You have to take some things into mind when writing the post to have good positioning.

Create an article with more than 300 words.

The title of the post does not have more than 55 characters so that it is complete in Google, and that the description does not exceed 155 characters.

To measure this, we could use SerpSimulator, for those who do not have the Yoast SEO Plugin on their website.


Use keywords both in the title, and in the description, and the link.

Also, it would be nice to use the article keyword (s) in the first paragraph of the text.

Of course, we must be careful not to abuse these keywords since exceeding 1.5% of keyword density over the total text because they will penalize us.

Include titles and subtitles within the post (H1, H2, etc.)

Create links to other articles on our blog or to good quality articles from other people (internal and external links).

Generate multimedia content, whether photos or videos, being essential to establish a header image for every article that we publish since it will be the presentation image.

Why Pinterest Is Good For Your Business

Pinterest is a social network that costs very little to maintain. We must have a profile with a lot of content, concentrate at least 1 hour for it, you can also increase the social media reach using videos.

Of course, be careful! We must not upload everything we find. It is good to read all the illustrations to check that they are of good quality before adding them to your profile.

From there, with spending time with it from time to time and uploading a pin (post), when we have a right image or infographic to share, it would be worth it.

How to gain followers? The primary way is by putting a button on our website or blog inviting us to follow us on Pinterest or by adding a widget to our Pinterest profile on the website or blog.

Another way, leaving the blog aside, would be by making good comments on popular pins, participating in group boards with good content, and following other users or boards of the same theme.

Ideal publication frequency: This depends on how active we want to be in this social network.

If we are not a photography-related company or do not have valuable photographic content, I recommend updating pins every 2 to 4 weeks.

Percentage of own published content: 5%. We return to the same thing since if we are a company with a lot of photographic content, the percentage of content will be much higher.

In general, what we will share will be already uploaded pins that we have previously searched through keywords related to our company.

Thanks for reading.

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