When it comes to buying luxury items, it is normal to want to invest in quality above all else. The main luxury brands offer us new models faster and faster thanks to consumer demand.

Although there are many lucky women who have cabinets made up mostly of luxury items, which they update every season, there are some others who are beginning to create their collection.

Taking into account that we all have different styles and tastes, these are some general tips that you can put into practice if you are thinking of starting your collection of luxury items.

Choose to buy the classics of each brand

When we say “classics”, we refer to all those bags, shoes or garments that have become a must have for a brand like juice wrld merch. They are all those items that have been in stores for a long time due to the meaning they have and the timelessness that they have managed to obtain over the years.

Start with neutral colors

If you are buying your first luxury items, it is important to start with colors such as beige, black, white and all those neutral tones that are easy to combine in any look. You can also choose certain colored items that give your outfit a twist and become the centerpiece of it.

Keep the dust cover to protect the item

One of the keys to keeping your items as preserved as possible is to keep the cloth bag in which they come when you buy them. This fabric bag will help protect your things from light and dust making the investment last long.

 To maximize your investment

 Analyze what clothes you need, which ones you would like to have in your wardrobe and why. It even envisions the clothes and accessories in the future and the impact they will have on the planet. We love shoes as much as Carrie Bradshaw and we believe that any look can become unforgettable with the right shoes. In addition, it is true that the quality of luxury shoes makes them more comfortable for those who wear them

 Look closely at the garment

Make sure the seams are straight. Feel the fabric and even smell it. In the case of bags, check the color of the linings. Remember that the fashion market is sensitive to replicas.

 Verify the authenticity of the garments

 Check that the label is not overlapping. It also checks that you have all the source data. If you have doubts, request the certificate of authenticity.

 Don’t be afraid to try on your clothes

If you are going to invest, you have to see how you look with the bad bunny merch clothes and how you feel with them. It is important that you have time to make your purchases calmly.

 Know the reason for the discounts

In the case of BRDNS, the merchandise is from one or two past seasons. Therefore, it offers savings ranging from 10 to 50 percent.

Try to choose a different pair of clothes than the ones you usually wear

Take a little risk. You may have a surprise once you try them on and find that you look great in them.

 Make sure that the after-sales service is optimal That is, the store gives you the opportunity to make changes.

Consider vintage pieces, it is also an option

If luxury items are a jewel, these vintage version pieces are from another world. Consider going to specialized stores where you can find unique pieces to make your wardrobe even more special.

And the best, enjoy every moment you spend in the store. While it is true that e-commerce is advancing rapidly in the luxury market, it is also true that getting in touch with the clothes you buy is an enriching experience, concludes Basave.

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