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It’s not essential to take your car to get detailed. Also, this is not essential for getting clean cloth seats. Instead, it’s easy to clean cloth seats yourself. If you have cloth seats, they surely will get dirty. Now, let’s check out this article to learn how to remove stains as well as grime from your cloth car seats.

Remove Stains

You want to clean your cloth seats. First, you have to remove all dirt, debris, as well as crumbs. Use a car vacuum to clean the seats. For the best result, you should not only separate the seams but also stick the nozzle of the machine into the seams by your fingers. By this way, you can clean up any loose debris.

Cover a light coat of cleaning solution on your car seats. Instead of using an all-purpose cleaner to clean your car seats, you should consider a fabric or cloth cleaning product. Apply the solution in the area needed to clean. It’s best to try 4-5 sprays. But, avoid spray so much otherwise your seats can get mold and smells.

Before you spray over a new area, don’t forget to massage the cloth seat with a soft interior brush. It’s important to work in the area needed to spray at a time. Avoid using a stiff carpet brush. In fact, it may mess up your car seats.

Use a microfiber towel to wipe dirty suds, especially when they begin gathering with dirt in. Remember to do this before it becomes dry completely. This helps to avoid leaving the dirt on the seat. Do this same process until your car seats are clean. You may have to spend 3-6 coats removing stains.

Once again vacuum your car seats. This way purposes to dry up any wet saturation. Also, it helps to make the fabric dry before driving the car anywhere.

Apply Alternatives to Fabric Cleaners

Before you decide to buy a fabric cleaner, you should try laundry detergent. Place the mixture of laundry detergent and hot water in a spray bottle. Also, use a sponge. You need to use a damp microfiber towel to scrub the seat. Then, you can eliminate dirt and detergent. Remember to wet it with cold water.

You may not know you can use white distilled vinegar to clean a fabric. Just by mixing one cup of vinegar, a gallon of hot water, and a few drops of dish soap, you can clean the area. Besides, you also need a brush to do this.

Also, baking soda solution is a great choice for cleaning as well as removing unpleasant smells on cloth seats. The thing you need just is the mixture of ¼ cup of baking soda and one cup of warm water. In addition, use a brush to scrub the stain. By this way, you can easily remove really difficult stains. Then, use a clean towel to wipe the stain after about 60 minutes.

Use club soda in order to remove stains on cloth seats. Just with a light layer of club soda, you can remove easily the stain. Especially, it is perfect for dealing with vomit stains on your car seats.

Maintain your car seats

Regularly vacuum your car to keep your car seats clean. Also, you can prevent getting stuck in the upholstery thanks to vacuuming up all dirt as well as debris. You should vacuum your car every 1-2 weeks.

Handle spills and stains right after they occur. This also helps to avoid stains on your cloth car seats. It’s also important to handle debris that can cause stains right away such as grease, blood, or mud. You can use a fabric cleaner to clean it right after you get home.

You need to make some rules for your car. It’s a great idea to set car rules for what you should keep in your car. For instance, you shouldn’t eat in your car. At the same time, don’t let other people do this. In addition, consider drinking beverages with a lid in your car. Aside from that, ask someone to remove their shoes that have mud or dirt on. It’s best to put their shoes in a plastic bag.

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