Learning a New Song on Guitar

One of my resolutions this year was to push through the pain and get some guitar callouses. Last year, I hardly practiced at all, but lately, I’ve made sure to pick up the guitar at least once per week. My effort has paid off—I’ve finally learned how to play the entirety of Thunderstruck, by AC/DC, which I’ve been meaning to do for years!

While I’m by no means a pro guitarist, it’s nice to know that I can play a few songs and impress houseguests here and there. Maybe next year, I’ll try to create my own songs, or start a band!

Exercising the Mind with Chess

I’ve never been good at chess, but one of my resolutions was to create an online account and play as much as possible. At first, I thought that it’d be easy to improve, but chess is an incredibly difficult game to master—some people spend their lives training! There are over 1,300 openings to learn (and those are just the ones with names), and some universities are still trying to figure out chess puzzles. All of this said, I’ve come to terms with my limits!

To keep myself motivated, I made a rule to never quit or resign any games. Even if the board looks bleak, I fight until the very end, which has taught me so much about the game. In my experience, it has been essential to train myself to let go of the win without getting frustrated. I’ve been able to improve leaps and bounds that way!

Caring More About My Appearance

This year, I decided to take my appearance to new heights. The first step was to conduct extensive research on fashion through magazines like GQ, and to learn what the most attractive people were doing to look their best.

After a few months of trying out new things, I’ve managed to switch up my wardrobe and try out a host of new, eye-popping styles. I’ve also looked into improving my physical appearance. My hair, for example used to be long and matted, but now it is short and well-gelled, and my face used to be wrinkled and droopy, but I got a male facelift to glow the way I’ve always wanted. All of these changes have given me renewed sense of self-appreciation!

Learning How to Invest

My friends have always been successful investors, and they inspired me to put some money in the stock market. They also taught me the basics of successful day trading and were nice enough to lend helping hands when I had questions.

While I certainly haven’t been the riskiest investor—I’m nowhere near confident enough to drop over $600 on a single share of Tesla—I’ve made a good $200 so far, a major win in my book!

Beat That Video Game I Was Stuck On

I’ve always liked video games, and last year, after seeing an advertisement on YouTube, I decided to buy Dark Souls 3. It is supposedly one of the hardest games ever made, but I wasn’t deterred—not, at least, until I spent a few hours dying over and over again. I turned the game off and have not touched it since.

This year, the same video game company released a new title, Elden Ring. I was reluctant to buy the game at first, but after reading so many positive reviews, I decided to give it a try, and have managed to beat a few major bosses. With persistence, anything is possible; in fact, I might boot up Dark Souls 3 again to try my luck!

Visiting the Beach to Learn How to Surf

Many years ago, I went surfing for the first time. It was tough, to say the least! I could barely stand up on the board, and ultimately ended up watching my friends do cool tricks. This year, I decided to try surfing again with the help of an instructor.

Over the course of a few months, I’ve improved! Each class has been invaluable, and soon, I anticipate that I’ll be the best surfer in my friend group. I want to ride waves, look cool, and feel the water beneath me, and I can’t wait to show my buds how much I’ve improved!



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