From a very early age, Gabe Arik felt that he had a knack for business. As his father would sell jewelry at the bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey, Gabe would sell water for a nickel to hot and parched attendees and vendors. With that established entrepreneurial mindset, Gabe continued to watch his father craft jewelry and with each customer his father left happily satisfied, Gabe felt inspiration. That feeling would continue to build within Gabe until 2000, when he and his brother, Danny, would open their own jewelry store: Happy Jewelers.

“Although much has changed over the years,” Gabe states, “our basic philosophy has not.” The Arik family left Istanbul in the 1990s in an attempt to grown Isa’s, their father, business. When Gabe turned 18, he was still unsure about which direction he wanted to take his life. He made the decision to attend California State-Fullerton, but quickly understood that wasn’t the path for him.

“I attended my first class, and sitting there, I realized this wasn’t for me,” Gabe recalls. “So, I came home and told my dad that I wanted to start my own jewelry store.” With the help of his father, Gabe and Danny opened their own jewelry store in Orange County, California.

Together, the Arik brothers have taken Happy Jewelers to astonishing heights of success over the last two decades. Placing themselves upon a business model reliant on total customer satisfaction and cutting-edge product quality and design, Gabe and Danny are setting the standard for custom jewelers across the nation. Their product offerings include engagement rings, luxury watches, diamond necklaces, and more pieces of jewelry, all of which are custom made to the specification of each customer.

“Jewelry makes people happy,” Gabe says gleefully, “and we want to make people happy.” He continues, “So, while we know Happy Jewelers can sound corny, we love it, and our customers do, too.”

Perhaps the most important part of the Happy Jewelers operation is the family-owned aspect of the business. While the business wasn’t passed down from their father, the brothers have maintained the family values they learned from their father in opening their own store. Beyond the unmatched customer service and one-of-a-kind products offered by Happy Jewelers, they also treat every employee, business partner, and customer as if they are a part of their own family.

“We don’t want people to feel intimidated walking into a jewelry store,” the brothers remark. “We treat our team members and our customers as if they are walking into our home.”

As the brothers look to move forward and maintain the success of Happy Jewelers, it is imperative in their minds to pass on family values to the next generation of Ariks. With spouses and children now working in the operation, Happy Jewelers poised to be a staple in the Southern California jewelry scene for years, if not decades, to come.

To learn more about the history of and quality jewelry made at Happy Jewelers, visit their website and follow them on their Instagram page.

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