Rising Star Bachata Cabaret Champion wearing HAVAH

Everyone wins when a new company sets its standards based on sustainability and a lifetime warranty. This is precisely how Dharmesh, founder and CEO of HAVAH, envisioned his new apparel line. And now that it’s launched, Dharmesh has high hopes his fashions will revolutionize dancewear and become the premier brand for dancers and other exercise enthusiasts. 

HAVAH’s mission

Passionate about his new business, Dharmesh explains his brand’s unrivaled mission. “I see myself as the Steve Jobs of fashion because I’m challenging and disrupting everything fashion and clothing has ever done in the last decade by offering a lifetime product warranty.” No other athletic apparel brand has dared to take such a bold risk, and Dharmesh knows HAVAH warranty tells consumers they are getting a quality product and the founder has total confidence in his creations. 


But there’s another reason Dharmesh guarantees his clothing. The warranty has the potential to put some of the items back in his possession to be recycled. With three out of five apparel pieces ending up in a landfill, Dharmesh decided his brand would not contribute to the excessive waste polluting the earth. And now that he is focusing on large scale methods of recycling, Dharmesh hopes other fashion industries follow his lead. 

Expanding the focus

Dharmesh initially designed HAVAH apparel for dancers. The fabric has that extra stretch dancers need, almost like a breathable second skin. However, he quickly began to see the brand’s value for all types of athletes. The truth is, when women wear fashionable, comfortable clothing, they feel good about themselves. Therefore, Dharmesh sees his brand as suitable for far more than dancing. 


How does HAVAH plan to compete with established brands?  Its commitment to sustainability puts the budding start-up in the spotlight with no other athletic brand daring to back their product in such a bold way. Dharmesh also says artists create the designs on his fashions, so they are not the same old, boring fabrics. Just take a look around the HAVAH website, and you’ll see what he means. The patterns and designs are truly unique, with vibrant colors that are attractive and flattering.

Maintaining the vision

Dharmesh must be on to something because dance champions from multiple genres have already flocked to HAVAH seeking their comfortable fare. Some of the HAVAH ambassadors include Latin Dance Champions and European Salsa Champions. That’s quite a following for a company that’s only been in business a month, and the list is growing daily.


Dharmesh’s ultimate goal is to serve the dancing community with a signature brand the same way Luluemon has served yoga. Darmesh is excited to use his quality dancewear to create a community of dancers and bring them together under one brand. And, of course, he’s not discouraging all others who love the brand and want quality, comfortable workout clothing.

The finale

Quoting Albert Einstein, Dharmesh asserts, “Dancers are the athletes of God.” This love for the art of dancing led Dharmesh to develop HAVAH with dancers in mind. However, the brand’s versatility, sustainability, and attractiveness lend its crop tops, sports bras, leggings, capris, and shorts to all athletes and comfort-seekers. A quality brand that has a lifetime warranty is sure to make its mark. Dharmesh hopes his commitment to the earth is as clear as the vivid colors on his fabrics. Knowing he’s doing his part to keep fashion apparel out of landfills is a satisfying feeling. 

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