Back pain is a common medical condition affecting people regardless of age or occupation. The experience can cause many discomforts, affect your motion and prevent you from accomplishing your daily activities.  If you are experiencing low back pain in Glen Rock, you can get help at New Jersey Sports and Pain Medicine.

Who is at high risk of developing back pain?

You are at high risk of experiencing back pain if you are obese. The excess weight in your body can cause pain and aches in your back. Expectant mothers are also at a high risk of developing back pain because of the additional weight gain from their pregnancy. The weight causes changes in their pelvis, which might not resolve after delivery.

If your work involves pushing and lifting heavy objects that strain your muscle or sit or stand for a long time, this can cause back pain due to bad posture and lack of back support. If you are out-of-shape, your abdominal muscles will be weak, and therefore, they will not give the necessary support to your spine hence developing back pain.

Your spinal stenosis will increase as you age because of your muscle elasticity reduction in your vertebrae, causing back pain. You can also develop osteoporosis which can lead to fractures.

What causes back pain?

There are various causes of back pain, such as:

Facet joint dysfunction

Your facet joints glide, gap and rock as you move your back. If it is compressed by you leaning or extending backward, it causes back pain. Trauma can also damage or sprain your facet joint and cause back pain.

Degenerative discs

As you age, your discs lose fluid and start wearing down, causing an inflammatory process that causes pressure on your nerves, resulting in back pain.

Herniated disc

Sitting for a long time in poor postures, bending or twisting movement can cause injury to your disc by causing rotation and nerve compression. When your disk is injured, it causes pain to your back.

Joint sprains or muscle strains

Joint sprain and muscle strains result from unexpected pressure placed on your tissues, causing your fibers to tear. When your joints, muscles and ligaments of the low back are injured, you will experience back pain.


Having osteoporosis can cause back pain because it can cause your bones to become brittle and porous leading to painful fractures in your spine’s vertebrae.

Back pain treatment

Your doctor will conduct a thorough investigation on the cause of your back pain by conducting some tests, physical examinations and reviewing your medical condition history before recommending a suitable treatment for your condition.

Your doctor may recommend the following treatment for your back pain.

Stem cell therapy

Stem cell therapy will help restore your disc height, mobility, increase your disc’s function, and minimize pain by injecting your live stem cells from your bone marrow into the affected disc.

Physical therapy

Your doctor will recommend physical therapy to strengthen your abdominal and back muscles and improve your posture through exercises.

Electrical stimulation

Your doctor will recommend electrical stimulation treatment to help relieve your back pain, reduce swelling, and increase blood circulation. If you are struggling with back pain, call or book an appointment online with New Jersey Sports and Pain Medicine to be liberated from pain and discomfort.



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