Health problems faced by veterans

Veterans work in dangerous and unpredictable, and this exposes them to the risk of contracting various diseases. The veterans can be exposed to chemicals, explosive blasts, unproven vaccinations, and extreme stress. These conditions increase their risk of developing various health conditions than other people not exposed to the same environment. Below are some common health conditions that veterans can contract as a result of their line of work.

Lung problems

There are many factors that could result in veterans suffering from lung problems. The leading cause is the exposure fibers that, when inhaled, can affect the lungs. A common fiber is asbestos. When inhaled, the fiber can result in asbestosis, which is a lung condition or mesothelioma. The mesothelioma mortality rate and indicates how common it is for people to suffer from this deadly cancer. Whenever veterans are exposed to areas that use asbestos to manufacture products, they risk developing lung cancer.

The disposal of base waste can result in the air being filled with noxious smoke. Veterans are commonly exposed to such environments. When they inhale the smoke, it has a high chance of leading to lung complications in the long run. The items include paints, chemicals, and munitions. In most cases, the veteran breathes these compounds daily. The common symptoms of the associated lung problems are chest pains, breathing difficulties, and persistent cough. If not treated early, the condition can result in death.

Hearing loss

Veterans are exposed to war zones with loud sounds from jet engines, blasts from gunshots, and other explosions. These sounds can cause a loud buzz or ringing in the ears. Continuous exposure to such sounds can easily result in hearing loss. Chemical exposure can also cause hearing loss. Exposure to certain chemicals over a long period can interfere with the parts of the brain responsible for message interpretation. Such results in hearing loss.

 Autoimmune disorders

These are diseases that occur when the immune system attacks the body tissues instead of foreign microorganisms. The main cause of such diseases is posttraumatic stress. This kind of stress is common among veterans. When the body undergoes stress, it is prone to have inflammations. Given that the body is not made to fight inflammation for long periods of time, it can undergo biological changes. Once such changes have occurred in the body, it tends to attack its tissues instead of the disease-causing microorganisms. These changes can result in the development of arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, lupus, and diabetes, among others.

It is important to educate the masses about these health conditions to help them, support veterans. Whenever a veteran has fallen ill, they require a lot of support from their family members. This is why it is important for the family members to understand the various health conditions. As a result, it will be easier to take care of the affected veterans without exposing themselves to the infections. Some health conditions might not have a cure, thus increasing the support that veterans need from their families. For instance, the mesothelioma mortality rate is high, and this indicates how much veterans need support.

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