Hand-Drawn Portraits

Hand-drawn portraits are one of the most popular types of art that people enjoy nowadays. They have a classic, timeless feel and help add an extra bit of warmth to your home or office space. 

Where can you find an artist who specializes in hand drawn portraits? You’ll need to look for someone with experience, skill, and creativity. How do you do it?

Search Online 

Many experts showcase their projects online, and a simple search can provide several experts’ websites. Go through the website to gauge their level of creativity and experience. Can they turn real photos into hand-drawn portraits? Talk to several providers and check whether they are professional and attentive to detail.

Alternatively, check your locality for experts. Ask friends and relatives, especially those who value art, for recommendations. Before contracting, make sure to check their previous projects and reputation. 

Work with someone who has done hand-drawn portraits before. It’s great if they specialize in this type of artwork though it’s not a requirement. The next thing that will be important is the level of creativity they possess. A good hand-drawn portrait artist should take any photo or idea and turn it into a masterpiece.

How Does the Expert Operate?

If you live far away, you might have to send the photos through mail or upload them on the expert’s portal. However, before you get the project started, understand the cost and how long it will take. A standard project should take less than 2-3 days to complete. A professional will first send the initial drawings for approval in 2 to 3 days, and once you give the go-ahead, the finished work is shipped to you in a day. 

If you want physical prints, you might have to wait for another 2 or 3 days depending on your location, but soft copies are sent out the same day after completion. 

Look for Someone Easy to Work With

A professional lets his creativity guide him but doesn’t ignore the client’s specifications or preferences. Such an expert is easy to work with, offers timely communications, and involves you in every part of the project. Because hand-drawn portraits are very personal, it’s essential to work with someone who understands your tastes and takes time to listen or understand your personality.

Look for Someone Who Offers Quality

When looking for an expert in hand-drawn portraits, one of the first things to look at is if they offer convenience. For example, does their studio have watercolor paper? Do they work with a variety of mediums and styles? Do they use quality, long-lasting materials that will last for generations?

If the studio is nearby, you can look at their other finished projects to learn about their techniques and the materials they use. If not, ask them about the materials and procedures they’ll apply to your project. 

If they don’t meet your needs or convenience, move on and find someone else who can work with you and understands your specifications. You don’t always have to work with the first portrait artist you come across. 


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