Anyone who wishes to feel their best and stay healthy as they get older should lead a healthy lifestyle. However, we are bombarded with so much information every day that it may be challenging to figure out what is best for our health, and preventative healthcare can be a perplexing subject. Different messages regarding health are sent forth, and deciding which advice to follow might be complex. However, leading a healthy lifestyle does not have to be complicated.

Sylvia Fountaine is an emerging talent in blogging and content creation. She has a fantastic food blog that incorporates exciting food and cooking content. The primary focus of her blog is healthy eating and cooking. Feasting at Home is a whole foods recipe blog dedicated to the abundance of fresh, vivid vegetables available in our area. This website will serve as a source of inspiration for you to prepare your easy nutritious feasts at home and with others.

Sylvia has over 25 years of experience in the culinary arts (establishing Mizuna Restaurant with Tonia Schemmel, then founding Feast Catering Co.). She’s picked up a few pointers on making cooking more approachable and enjoyable. She doesn’t criticize or classify meals as “good” or “bad,” even though she eats predominantly plant-based. She just tries to consume meals that make her feel energized, lively, light, and happy. Usually, these are plants!

Even though she owned a vegetarian restaurant for ten years and eats mostly plant-based throughout the week, she wants to try everything as a chef. As a result, she dislikes putting labels on herself or making rules. She’s also married to Brian, who is a pure carnivore. She will occasionally change their meals so that he may eat meat while she stays vegetarian—one meal, two ways.

Seasonal, local produce is what inspires Sylvia the most as a cook. Sylvia believes that the local crop grown to the closest vicinity to oneself is the healthiest thing ever. It doesn’t have to travel as far as regular grocery store produce. It has more time to mature on the tree or vine and develop taste.

When you start with ripe seasonal ingredients at their pinnacle of flavor, Sylvia says, you can treat them quickly in the kitchen. Not only will the ultimate product be more delicious, but it will also be a lovely way to honor the earth’s seasons and cycles. Cooking and being in this manner is grounding.

Sylvia believes that having a blog is the most pleasurable approach to express yourself in this day and age. Blogging is the most accessible and approachable way to share your interest with others. So, to keep her passion for healthy cooking and to eat alive, Sylvia decided to become a full-time blogger and devote her time to bringing nutritious and tasty recipes to her site.



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