Recruit a Full Time Executive Assistant

Time is the most precious resource for any Executive in today’s business world. There is never a status quo in business anymore, it is always evolving and changing, requiring continuous forward thinking and planning at a high level. Emails alone are an all-consuming task that require detailed attention, coordination and priority. Executives should be spending their time on business-critical tasks including relationships and strategic matters that can enhance and develop their organisation as much as possible, delegating other tasks that take their time away from these things.

Below are 5 reasons you should hire a full time Executive Assistant:

  1. Lets face it – a skilled EA compliments your weaknesses. Time management is key these days and generally most Executives find it challenging, but it’s an EA’s forte.
  2. Is your business growing? Do people require more attention from you now? Even a small business with a staff of 10 starts to become more challenging in terms of time. People are amazing and the backbone of your business – but they also bring more complex, detailed and time consuming issues with them.
  3. Are you contemplating a Receptionist, an Admin Assistant or an EA as that is all the business can afford at this stage? Don’t contemplate any more. The right EA will perform the tasks of a Receptionist, an Admin Assistant and an EA. They come in all shapes and sizes and many love the variety and diversity of a combined role. That way as you grow, the person won’t outgrow the Reception or Admin role too quickly. A corporate recruitment agency in Australia can assist with the development of an accurate position description that will assist in the sourcing of the right person for your role. A specialist Executive Assistant recruitment service like MJD Executive excels in these consultative solutions.
  4. Are you a modern-day entrepreneur? Some of you might think that technology allows you to do most of the tasks that a traditional EA does. But does it really? Technology can not handle key stakeholder relationships, manage staff issues, attend meetings on your behalf or let you know what is happening in the office when you are not there!
  5. Can we openly speak of the prestige of having an EA? Within some industries it is seen as a mark of ‘success or standing’ – and having your EA build relationships with other key stakeholders EA’s is almost essential to coordinate some outcomes.  Internally it generally marks a level of respect for your time. More people are respectful of the fact that managing your time is an issue and don’t approach you directly about matters, they arrange time via your EA or find other people in the business that can help just as easily and efficiently.

And speaking of being time poor, why wouldn’t you enlist the assistance of a specialist recruitment agency in Australia with an outstanding reputation for sourcing Executive Assistants that add incredible value and worth.

Want to learn more – please contact the MJD Executive team on 02 8042 1840. 

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