Much of what separates the good from the great in any walk of life comes from the amount of time spent and the hours put into achieving a goal or completing a task. This is called drive or determination, something most people don’t have a lot of. HighLee Mansa is not like most people. He’s different. He possesses a drive to succeed as few other people do. As someone who has and continues to put his all into his music career, Mansa can only go up from where he has already ascended to.


As an independent artist, HighLee Mansa is responsible for writing and recording his music. He navigates his marketing and promotional ventures as well. What he does that is uncommon from many other artists—even fellow independent artists—is that he produces his music on top of writing and recording it. He handles this highly tall task very well, as anybody can see when they listen to his music. As a writer, artist, and producer, he is the definition of multi-talented.


Taking inspiration from greats like J.Cole, Tupac, and Kanye West, HighLee Mansa wants his listeners to feel his emotion and passion in his material. Give his stuff a listen and see what a complete and talented musician he is. You can find him on social media on Instagram and listen to his tracks on Spotify. Stay up to date on the latest HighLee Mansa offers because he’ll be all over the rap game in no time.

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