In the case of Patrick Stafford, his love for music hadn’t been sparked until his time in the military began. Looking for a side hobby to fill his time, Stafford began to dabble in a plethora of different fields, but none of which were getting the job done for him.

These failed attempts at finding a hobby sparked a conversation he had with some of his friends that make music at the tail end of 2019. Stafford became interested in learning the backend of it and seeing what goes into projects that artists put out.

He spent a fair amount of his time looking into various Youtube videos to learn as much as he could as quickly as possible. Gravitating towards EDM and Hip-Hop style music led Stafford to pursue a route down the Melodic trap genre, thus forming Stafford Beats.

Stafford didn’t know it then, but music would turn into a passion that drives him every single day and gives him a sense of purpose. The first few months working on his craft were spent studying different producers and artists, trying to replicate their music methods.

Even after his 12-14 hour military shifts, Stafford would head straight to his computer, where he would spend the rest of his waking hours making music.

As time went on, he wanted to find the best way to build a community of individuals who would be interested in and support his music. This desire fueled him, thus kickstarting him into the discord grind.

Stafford used Discord as a platform previously when he was into video games but saw a much greater potential for like-minded artists to use it as well. “I would often hold beat battles, challenges, and giveaways to keep the community involved and active, and doing so allowed me to network with a vast range of musicians,” says Stafford.

Building those relationships early on was an essential aspect of getting him to be where he is today. He quickly learned that relationships are an indispensable way to get anywhere in the industry. Without them, you’ll likely make it nowhere.

What was once a newfound hobby has turned into a way of life for Patrick Stafford, aka Stafford Beats. His relentless work ethic and drive to form genuine connections have catapulted his career to a level not many artists ever get to, and in a brief period. Intending to inspire his fans, it is safe to say he has done so thus far.

With time passing and more work being put in, expect to see many great things from Stafford Beats in 2021 and beyond.

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