Top places to visit in Europe

For the lovers of history and culture, Europe is one of the continents that should never be left out in your must-visit list of places. Their culture is mostly ingrained in the music, art, architecture, and mouthwatering food from the European cultural region. Whether you have visited this continent before, you will always learn something new on your next visits. As a tourist, you need to make sure you visit their museums, historical sites, landmarks, attend cultural festivities, and learn more. Due to its iconic landmarks, Europe experiences a mass of tourists from all walks of the world during holiday seasons. The following are the top places that you should consider visiting on your next tour to Europe:

(1) Florence in Italy

Though a small city, it’s popularly recognized for richness in culture, re-birth art, architecture, and monuments. Florence also has some of the best museums and displays of artwork, thereby exerting influence in politics, culture, and art fields. As a home of ancient artistic and cultural buildings, it is regarded as one of the loveliest cities around the globe, having been announced by UNESCO as one of the world’s heritage sites. On landing in Florence city, don’t leave without visiting the domed cathedral, one of the best tourist attraction site.

(2) Lake Bled

Lake Bled is found in Slovenia strategically placed in an Island where the earliest pilgrimage church, Assumption of Mary, popularly known to Catholics, is on-site. The church was erected as early as the seventeenth century. According to locals, weddings in this church were accompanied by a tradition where the husband was required to carry the bride up ninety-eight steps as they enter the church. This lake can be accessed using European cruises.

(3) Madeira, Portugal

Madeira is the most beautiful island found in Europe. For the lovers of nature, hiking, and watching birds movement consider visiting this island with your family and have fun. Within the island, there are restaurants that provide delicious cultural foods and wine. There are also gardens where you can do various bonding activities. Within Madeira Island, there are hotels where you can spend your nights hence making it the best place. It is also surrounded by shopping centers and is easily accessible by tourists and cruises.

(4) Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is one of Croatia’s popular cities that is loved by many even royals like Hillary and Bill Clinton. Croatia is one of the topmost beautiful countries globally. Dubrovnik is an excellent example of this beauty, surrounded by white stone walls built in the ancient period. If you are privileged to be around during their summer festivals, this should be one of your must-attend events that consist of live games, plays, and concerts. The city also consists of beaches, pristine sea, lucrative facilities, and Mediterranean delicious dishes that leave you asking for more. The city is both accessible by European cruises and tourists as well.

(5) Athens, Greece

Athens is one of the oldest cities worldwide, usually referred to as the world’s historical capital. The city is entrenched in between seven historical hills, and astonishing mountains cover its surroundings. Western civilization and democracy started in Athens. Athens is made up of buildings with both modern and ancient designs. It is also composed of popular museums, zoos, and parks. Those who find pleasure in outdoor activities can take part in hiking and mountain-biking in the most famous mountains. Due to its strategic position, the city is easily accessible.

(6) Windsor Castle

This historical site is found in London and the best place to visit during your tour to the city. Though built in ancient times, the Queen loves it and spends her weekends in the castle. On the other days, anyone can visit the castle and can attend the many free thrilling events offered inside.

(7) Rome

Italy’s capital city consists of unique places, historic sites, early churches, and Roman monuments. The main tourist attraction sites include Vatican Museums, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, and Roman Forum.

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