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Home Décor: Designer Lighting Ideas For Your Home That Are Quite Trendy In 2018!

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Your room decor can look bright and radiant with the right choice of lighting. In fact, you can make any dull room look bright with designer lighting. The concept of designer lighting is fast catching up and more and more people are experimenting with different lights. From foyers to fairy lights, you can choose from so many ideas.

You can buy fairy lights Singapore from mason home decor that has so many varieties of lights to choose from. If you are also planning to give your home decor a light makeover, then here are some designer lighting ideas for your home that are quite trendy in 2018, read on.

1. Statement Lights

Statement light can brighten up a particular area of your room décor. Like, you can put up these lights in the corner of your room. You can highlight your kitchen with a simple statement light. Or, you can simply put up a designer statement light to highlight your table. Statement lights not only look awesome, they also brighten up your room decor.

2. Chandelier Light

The concept of chandelier lights is not new, but the trends have surely changed with time. You have many designs to choose from chandeliers today, unlike the round design you used to get earlier. You can choose a chandelier light to highlight your living room decor. These lights look perfect for any setup and can make your room look radiant.

3. Fairy Lights

The trend in designer fairy lights is surely a hit these days. Fairy lights look lovely in your living room or your bedroom. You can also put these lights in transparent Mason jar and place at the corner of your living room.

These lights highlight the area of your room making your room look classy. You can buy fairy lights Singapore from mason home decor or online stores.

4. Colored LED Lights

If contemporary is what you are looking for, then colored LED lights are perfect for your room decor. You can choose different colored LED lights to highlight your room or your living room decor.

Colored LED lights completely change the look of your room making your room look vibrant. You also have an option to choose designer colored LED lights according to your room decor theme.

5. Vintage Lights

If you like to keep an old feel in your room, then classic vintage lights are a perfect choice. You can put up these lights in your open kitchen area or your living room. Most people who love minimal decor choose classic vintage lights for their room.

Classic vintage lights complement your wooden furniture, so you can choose these lights for wooden theme decor.

6. Designer Shades

The concept of designer shade lights is simple yet classy. You can put up these lights at the top of your dining table. Or, you can highlight your bedroom with these lights. Designer shade lights can be customized according to the theme of your room decor.

You can choose different colors and patterns; these lights look wonderful in any setup.

7. Pendant Lights

If you want to keep your decor simple, then opt for pendant lights. You can highlight your room with two or three pendant lights and make your room look bright. Pendant lights are available in many colors, so again you have a choice to personalize the look. Pendant designer lights look perfect in your kitchen or your study area.

8. Table Lamps

Simple table lamps at the corner of your room can also help to enhance the look of your room. Choose from designer table lamps that are available according to different themes. A table lamp can also be customized according to your room décor.

A perfect designer light can enhance the beauty of your home decor. There are so many designs and ideas available today, go ahead and brighten up your home.

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