When it comes to home decoration, the tiny details matter the most. Even though factors like theme, style and color scheme of the space matters a lot, lighting is the influential reason that can create a cozy and appealing ambiance. It can turn a boring space into an exciting hub.

Table lamps can be an ideal adornment for any room. But how do we select the right one? Platforms like and light bordlamper can be considered for good options but finding the right lamp is easier than we all imagine. Here are some factors to take into account:

1. The right spot

The first thing to consider is the place where you will place your lamp. Determine the exact height where the lamp will sit and its distance from the bed. Just buying the lamp and trying to fit in a specific place is not a good idea. Have a clear reason in mind where the lamp needs to be placed. This is how you can select the right lamp that will serve the right purpose.

2. Choose the right size

When choosing a brand new lamp, it is important to take into account the size of it. The height of lamp will be determined according to the décor around the lamp and overall area of the room. Having a tall bedside table means a shorter lamp would work and vice versa. This rule would work in most of the rooms irrespective of the décor.

3. Style

It is a point to wonder whether table lamps have its own style. Without a doubt, yes. The overall appeal of the lamp is determined by its shade and body. It will define how the lamp will tend to appear in the room. There is a multitude of lamp that can fit within the style of your house. You can either choose a lamp that fits perfectly with the existing décor or go for a different style making it the focal point.

4. Details

It is imperative to pay attention to details when purchasing lamps. Most of the table lamps allow the changing of shades with ease. Moreover, the bulbs used in lamp shades must be taken into account as well making your purchase. For instance, LED lighting must be preferred in order to cut the power bills. This is why you need to pay attention to minor details in order to get the best table lamp available in the market.

5. Colors

Colors play an important role when purchasing a table lamp. For example, bold colors are in the trend these days. Table lamps provide ideal opportunity to homeowners to add a bit of color to the room.

The bottom line

Table lamps are available in different sizes, shades, shapes, designs and colors. This is the reason why it has become difficult for us to choose the right option. Above are some of the most important factors to take into account when purchasing a table lamp.

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