Wall art is one of the best ways to give a whole new makeover to a simple room.

But whether you want a canvas print or you like hanging tapestries, selecting the proper size is very crucial. It goes all the way in improving the overall decor and enhancing the beauty of the room without going overboard.

There are a lot of factors that can get you to select the right size of wall art for your space. In this article, we will discuss the points in detail.


The room

When picking any wall art for your room, remember that the bigger the size, the better it looks. However, you should know where to stop. An oversized piece for a tiny room might look too overwhelming. When investing in art, apart from looking at the color and design, also consider its size. Also, think about the components present inside the room, like furniture.

The size of the art piece should be according to the props present in your room. Also, look at the height of the ceiling and the style of house you live in. Match the size of the art piece according to that. But as a general rule, you should opt for big pieces- this decoration trick never fails.


The Wall

Now that you have had a look into the room, it is now time to think about your wall. Firstly, measure your wall and take note of the dimensions. The second thing that people tend to ignore is the wall orientation. If you have a tall and narrow wall, a painting of a similar shape will look great on it. Make sure that the art piece you are going for should take up two-thirds or three-fourths of the wall space. Hence, as mentioned earlier, go for bigger art pieces.


Furniture and Mantels

Whenever you are buying an art piece for a room, ensure that it complements the furniture. For example, if you decide to hang your art piece on the empty wall above your sofa, always go for a size three-fourths the furniture’s width. Also, hang the piece 6-12″ above the sofa top. You don’t have to be exact but go for something following this rule.


Gallery walls

It is a great way to decorate the room. You can put up one or many pictures by an artist to make it a gallery wall. However, creating visually attractive gallery walls is not an easy task. You would have to choose the color and theme of the pictures and the shape and size of the art piece. You can start by laying the pieces on the floor and arranging it properly to see if you would like the pattern on the wall. Follow the same pattern while working on your wall. You can take ideas from online gallery wall templates.

An original art piece is an investment of a lifetime. So, you should take all the measurements to make it look perfect in your home. Also, don’t hesitate to be creative and choose to be different.




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