Your possessions are important to you. From mattresses to home accessories to sentimental trinkets, you have an attachment to your favorite items. However, sometimes these things don’t all fit inside your home or apartment. If you are moving to a smaller place or gaining an extra roommate, it may be time to put some items away in a storage unit. This can be a safe, secure location for you to keep those items that simply don’t fit in your home.

If you’re trusting a self-storage business with your beloved things, you probably have a few questions before you commit. The biggest concern will often be about safety and security. As you put your belongings away in a place you won’t see them every day, you want a guarantee that they won’t be stolen and there won’t be any property damage. Many self-storage owners work hard to show you just how safe and secure their storage units are.

By taking extra steps and precautions, they make you feel comfortable with storing your items in these units. Here are just a few ways self-storage facilities are making security a priority.

Storage Facility Insurance

Insurance is something you can pay into that will give you peace of mind that your home, car, or other property is protected in case of an accident. So it only makes sense that self-storage facilities have insurance products they will often invest in. Through self storage insurance programs, your facilities manager will keep your items and your storage unit space protected in case of natural disaster, property damage, and other unique risks of these facilities. Owners can find great deals at competitive prices to give them a safety net for their business while providing you extra peace of mind.

Private Units for Your Belongings

One of the benefits of purchasing a storage unit is that you have that much space just for your own belongings. You’ll get a private unit that only you will have the key to. This means no one else will have direct access to your items. With different sizes, you can store anything you need in your storage unit without worrying about anyone else getting in. So feel free to invest in the California King mattress and bed frame and a great bedroom set rather than a smaller sleeper. You can stick your best mattress and leave an older model in storage. It helps to know your personal property is private and secure.

Keys and Passwords to Get Into The Building

Your rental agreement will often come with many security guarantees like specific keys and passwords to the building and your unit. Many storage facilities will have codes just to get onto the property and other locked entrances that only you will have access to. This helps prevent anyone who shouldn’t be there from gaining easy access.

Camera and Digital Surveillance

The self-storage industry typically invests in cameras and digital surveillance. Again, this helps deter individuals from trying to steal anything from you. When the camera can catch them in the act, you have a much better chance of catching anyone or stopping any robberies from happening in the first place.

Good Locations

Self-storage owners take particular care when choosing a location for their units. Having a storage facility in a nicer part of town that is well-lit and has heavy foot traffic will keep robbers away. This will also always help you feel safe as you go visit to get anything you need.

Hiring Good Staff

Self-storage facility staff is usually very trustworthy. They won’t have direct access to your unit unless you give them permission. Plus, they usually go through a background test to prove they can be around your special possessions.


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