In what was a bombshell that shook the entire NFL, former #1 pick and QB of the Indianapolis Colts, Andrew Luck announced that at the age of 29 he is retiring.

Stating that for the past 4 seasons he has been injured and dealing with that has taken a mental toll on him. Coming out of Stanford, Luck was the most sought out QB in his draft class in 2012 so much so that they were calling it the Andrew Luck Sweepstakes.

Teams were going out of their way to dump for the 1st overall pick. For most of that season, experts thought it would end up being the Miami Dolphins who got the first pick but the Colts without Peyton Manning ended up 2-14 and with the 1st overall pick.

Andrew Luck Stats with the Indianapolis Colts

For his first three years in the NFL, Luck played all 16 games and progressively got better each year.

His rookie season, he went 11-5 with 23 TDs and 18 INTs 54% completion and 4300+ yards. In the next 2 seasons, he again would lead the team to 11-5 records throwing 23 and then 40 TDS respectively.

He would end up getting injured during the 2015 season and would only play 7 games that season. During his career, he made 4 Pro Bowls, led the league in passing in 2014, and made the playoffs 4 times in 7 seasons and winning 4 out of 8.

During his time with the Colts, Andrew Luck made a total of $97 million and was due another $51.8 million.

Why retire and head to the XFL

Andrew Luck’s dad is Oliver Luck and he is the CRO and Commissioner of the XFL.

Obviously, Luck does not need the money as he has made $97 million already, but what would it be if his dad came to him and said be the face of the XFL. 

Think about it sometimes people do interesting stuff to impress their parents, he’s 29, still got plenty of football left in him why not take a shot at the XFL.

What does he have to lose?

Even if it doesn’t work out for him in the XFL do you really think an NFL team wouldn’t take a shot with him if he decided to come back?  I see this for him as a win-win situation he is a very smart kid and probably has thought this out.

My opinion is in a couple of weeks/months a report will come out that Luck is signing with an XFL team.

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