Buddha Gold Pendant For Women

Buddha gold jewelry is one of the latest trends on the market right now. Gemstones have been a part of humanity for a very long time. It is quite normal for people to follow the Buddhist concepts in every aspect of their lives. It also includes the latest trends in women’s buddha jewelry. The teachings and principles of Buddha have been growing rapidly since the last few decades. Both men and women wear different types of Buddhist jewelry, and the most popular among them is the Buddha gold pendant for women

Popular Buddhist Imagery Found in Women’s Gold Pendant

  • Buddha

It is one of the most common images found on gold pendants. The symbol reminds us of Lord Buddha in our daily monotonous life. It’s symbolic of encouragement and encourages people to be more patient in their approach towards life and cultivate the thoughts of non-violence and peace. It is always a good option to go for the pendants that depict the whole of Buddha’s body because of its symbolism of peace and serenity. It is important to keep the complete image instead of just the hands and feet of the Lord. In most cases, you will find Buddha in a meditation position in women’s gold pendants. 

  • The Lotus Symbol

The Lotus flower is one of those symbols that represents respect,  purity, and rebirth along with beauty. It hails from the representation of how trials and difficulties have brought forward an awesome and majestic transformation in people. If you have a perfect emblem, this will provide you with a profound significance. It shows what beauty is when it meets the eye of the beholder. Wearing pendants with lotus symbols reminds us of wisdom, compassion, happiness, joy, and love. Just like a lotus grows in the muddy pond,  spiritual qualities blossom from a  suffering mind. Irrespective of whatever your difficulties or sufferings, you must always grow and bloom like a lotus. It always takes a lot for the lotus to grow from all the darkness and mud. The mind will, however, become bright and beautiful with this type of awakening. In the case of jewelry, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas are seated and standing on a lotus. Lotus symbolizes that despite all the muddy water, never interfere with the mud. It’s something which is a great lesson for human beings. Despite being grown in the mud, it never catches any ill feelings or negativity of the surroundings and keeps blooming like ever before. Indeed, a great lesson to human beings!

  • Wheel of Dharma

This is yet again a symbol of Buddha’s teachings and principles. It indicates the Noble Eightfold path of life. The wheel center separates into three major parts representing three types of jewels known as Buddha, Sangha, and Dharma. Buddha has an impression of 1000 spoke on the wheel in each of the soles of hands and feet. That’s how Dharmachakra got its name and is one of the most auspicious eight symbols associated with Buddha. You will find it in various pendants and earrings. 

The peace and serenity is the thing due to which people are more into buddha gold pendants. Moreover, you can also check out the Paperclip chain necklaces and Gold Disc Necklaces if you prefer gold over anything else! 

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