In this digital age, every artist struggle to make a living during some part of their journey. Some fear stepping into the industry, whereas some are unaware of the plethora of opportunities. Thus, there is a need to have services that help musicians grow.

After spending 12 years in network marketing, De’el Woods wanted to help young individuals around him in achieving financial freedom. He believed that despite having the expertise, a lot of people still suffer due to a lack of opportunities.

When De’el started his own career, he initially started working in an insurance company where even though he didn’t earn much, he gained a strong foundation in belief and personal development. Later, he moved to work in multi-level marketing companies like 5Linx and Wake Up where he developed skills in lifestyle marketing.

Even though he was learning, he was still struggling financially. Things turned for De’el when he got a phone call from David Imonitie to film his introductory video for his forex educational platform. This opportunity helped him understand the financial world and made him realize the importance of financial freedom. Thus, De’el started trading forex and soon became a high frequency forex trader.

Seeing the benefits of having financial freedom, De’el longed to help others around him in growing their idle income. To fulfill his wishes, he started his business of teaching people how to trade forex. As a result, he pioneered the largest movement of college students that would go around the world introducing other students to the world of forex.

This initiative boosted De’el’s confidence to help his two cousins struggling in the music industry. Thus, he launched his own record label known as Better Than Amazing Records, where he helped rising musicians grow by providing them with proper funding equipment, studio time, and marketing. Here he aims to eventually provide financial freedom to these artists by helping them add value to their work.

De’el believes in the success of his record label since it is led by his high spirits and smartness. He states, “Believing that you can is way more profitable than believing that you can’t.”




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