Living with heart problems is not an easy thing. You constantly fear whether you will be able to live another week or not. This is the reason that many people are looking for ways to boost their heart health and make their hearts stronger. Some people opt for exercising regularly and having a good diet while others look for something extra to boost their heart health.

One of the extra methods that people adopt to boost their heart health is to take fish oil supplements. If you are wondering should I take fish oil supplements then the answer is yes because it would boost your heart health along with providing many other benefits.  But you need to know that buying just any fish oil supplement might not work for you. It’s better to do some research in this regard and then make the decision.

Though you have many options when it comes to fish oil supplements that boost heart health, a reliable one is to select krill oil that as phospholipid Omega3s that are more bio efficient as compared to other marine sources. It means that krill oil will offer Omega3s to the tissues and organs which need it most. The organ, your heart, and the arteries and tissues surrounding it will get Omega3 when you consume krill oil. When looking for krill oil in Canada, you should opt for smaller pills that don’t lead to much of a digestive upset.

Research on Krill Oil and Heart Health

The largest human study on krill oil was conducted with three hundred participants. It was a double-blind, multi-center and placebo-controlled study organized in the USA. The participants were divided into five groups. The first group was a placebo group that had olive oil, the second group had 0.5 grams of krill oil, the third group had one gram of krill oil, the fourth group had 2 grams of krill oil, and the fifth group had 4 grams of krill oil.

The Results

Heart Health

The researchers discovered that krill oil could lower the levels of triglycerides in people who had high or borderline high levels and didn’t raise the bad cholesterol LDL. The consumption of krill oil had also increased the Omega3 index, especially in people who had consumed 4 grams daily. The rise in the Omega3 index is known to reduce the risk of sudden cardiac death of a person.

How to Choose the Best Krill Oil?

Now that you know that krill oil can support heart health, you might wonder how to choose a supplement that keeps your heart healthy without any side effects. You should know that though there are numerous krill oil supplements available in the market, all of them are not pure. The method of extraction, the source and the reputation of the manufacturer matter a lot while picking the best krill oil supplement.

To lend you a hand, we have described certain criteria you can follow to pick the best krill oil:

Ø  Make Sure You are Eligible

If you intend to buy and consume krill oil, make sure that you are eligible for it by testing for shellfish allergy. Also, talk with your doctor in case you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Ø  Check the Ingredient List

While choosing the best krill oil, you should ensure that you pick a product that has no artificial colors, preservatives or sweeteners.  You can also opt to avoid products that have dairy, egg, yeast, corn, wheat, soy, and gluten.

Ø  The Source Matters

Make sure that you know from where a krill oil is sourced. It would be good if the supplement is made from the krill oil acquired from sources like the waters of the Antarctic ocean as the ocean is free of contamination till now.

Ø  Buy from a Brand

When picking the right krill oil, make sure that you buy it from a manufacturer who has a reputation for providing high-quality products. Even the website you order it from should have a good reputation. Do not buy it from a website that looks to be suspicious or doesn’t have secure payment methods.

Ø  Read Reviews

Reading reviews is the best thing you can do while selecting any product. This rule applies to krill oil as well. Make the time to read reviews of other people about how the krill oil benefitted their health and wellbeing before making the purchase decision.


It is quite clear that krill oil is excellent for heart health. If you are convinced of the same, then be ready to do some research and pick the right supplement. The time and effort you put in the research would be worth it if you find a product that you can use for years because it’s rightly priced and has great quality. Also, if you want to boost your heart health, make sure that you follow a healthy diet to ensure that you don’t eat foods that might harm your heart in any manner.

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