Vince Pitstick is preparing a legion of health coaches to provide personal training to individuals around the US. He feels it is need of the minute as the ‘pandemic of lifestyle diseases’ is already on the hunt around the world. Many people are falling prey to chronic diseases now on a day-to-day basis, and health systems aren’t just doing ‘enough.’  Therefore, with the help of his 17 years of experience, he is busy arming a generation with knowledge and practical education of a healthy lifestyle.

However, his concern about the growing number of diseases isn’t the only factor fueling his ambitions. There are different power stations from where he stems his energy. One of them is none other than Florence Nightingale.

“Over the years, I have had many heroes growing up, starting with the He-man cartoon character,” says Vince. “As I grew older, my heroes became my father, the men and women of armed forces, and then I learned about Florence,” he added, sharing how Florence Nightingale influenced his life’s mission.

Undoubtedly, Florence was a nurse before the word ‘nurse’ was embedded into dictionaries. Leaving the comforts of high society to tending to the soldiers laying their lives for saving the nation, she indeed was a trail-blazer. Realizing there was no proper method to tend to the gravely wounded, she started a nursing program that was so effective that the number of hospital deaths dropped by 2%.

After that, three more nursing schools came in the heels of Florence’s brazen gesture in the war of Crimea in 1854, following her methodology, which is still being primarily utilized wherever nursing courses exist.

Because of the heroics of Florence Nightingale, today, there is one nurse for every hundred Americans. However, there is no end to calamities, and with every decade, a new one poses a grave challenge to the entire humanity. Apart from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the growing number of lifestyle diseases is also gradually weaving into looming catastrophe.

With an increasingly unhealthy lifestyle and inadequate health coaching services, the human population is prone to a number of chronic diseases. We need another Florence Nightingale to battle the potential health crisis, and that’s what Vince is up to.

Inspired by an influential figure like Florence, Vince is focusing on the refinement of health coaching services throughout the world. He is a quite vocal advocate of making health coaching part of the health system in America and other countries to mitigate the risk of another pandemic.

That’s the reason with companies like Nutrition Dynamic and Metabolic Mentor University, he is busy preparing health coaches, nurses, and dietitians under the banner of project #The1in100, because he wants there to be one coach for one American.

“We have real solutions to stop it, and I intend to,” he is not going to let up.

Vince’s Instagram: @Vince_Pitstick

Nutrition Dynamic Instagram: @Nutrition_Dynamic

Metabolic Mentor University Instagram: @MetabolicMentorUniversity


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