Two highly popular Glock models available right now are Glock 19 and Glock 17. To people who are not much familiar with both the models and the Glock brand, then it is very to compare both the models before making the right buying decision. In this article, we will compare Glock 17 vs 19 and find out which one is better. Without wasting any time, lets us review both the products in detail:

Size Comparison

The Glock 19 and the Glock 17 are a bit identical with just a minute difference, the Glock 17 has a barrel that is 1/2” long and has a grip of 1/2” longer than the Glock 19. This longer grip of Glock 17 allows a bit longer magazine that holds more than 2 rounds and bringing 17 vs. 15 mag capacity for Glock 19.

While comparing both the models, you must look at different factors and know your requirements before making your final decision. We will compare some important features of both guns and help you make the right choice.

Glock 17 Vs. 19

Let us compare both the Glock 17 and the Glock 19 in detail and find out which is the right option for you. One major difference that is noted is the pistol sizes. Sometimes it leads to sizing issues with some of the users, hence you need to keep this feature in your mind when making the purchase.

Though a majority of the Glocks today come with interchangeable straps you need to know that they might not fit every hand. A person with bigger hands will obviously find the G17 gun to a bit bigger than its counterpart Glock 19.

On the other hand, the smaller framed G19 gun is lighter compared to G17 full-sized gun by one ounce. If there is any modification done, then it will make a big difference, so keep this feature in your mind when making the purchase. An additional ounce brings down an overall weight when any light is added to the gun.

Why You Must Consider Glock 17?

Though Glock 17 isn’t a big service gun, it is bigger than G19, so you must know that although lots of people do not have any kind of trouble concealing it, it is not a simple gun that can be hidden.

Specifications of G17 

The Glock 17 makes use of 9×19 mm of cartridges and is 186mm long and has a length of 114mm and standard 17 mag capacity. This weighs over 625g when unloaded.

The G17 makes an ideal home defense gun as it is simple to use, reliable, and easily fired by both women and men both. This pistol shoots a similar caliber bullet to G19 hence has similar stopping power.

The Glock 17 is the best choice for target shooting, competition shooting, and casual shooting since this pistol offers a longer sight radius because of the barrel that provides higher accuracy for the shooters.

The magazines of Glock 17 are highly versatile and used in Glock 17 & Glock 19 pistols. But, the G19 magazine cannot be used in a G17 weapon.

Why You Must Consider Glock 19?

In many cases, the G19 will always be a better option for people who want the firearm for tactical purposes. The reason is it’s the smaller gun, simple to conceal as well as quick to produce. The Glock 19 is simple to carry over your body and concealed in the purse. Also, G19 was chosen as the best-concealed carry pistol by the Navy Seals.

Specifications of G19

The G19 is known to be a small and compact style of Glock. The weapon takes 9x19mm cartridges, and is just 174mm long, and has 102 mm barrel length. The pistol has the standard 15 mag capacity as well as weighs just 595g when unloaded. Hence, if your main purpose is concealed carry, then Glock 19 is a much better selection for you.

Making the Right Choice 

This depends on what exactly you want. Suppose you are looking to buy a weapon to guard your home, then you would be a bit hard-pressed in finding something much better than G17. This is the best gun that works really well in practical shooting competitions.

But, for the daily concealed carry, training, or practice, the G19 is a standard weapon though which other compact pistols are judged.


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