How to become a personal trainer questions answer is almost all certifying organizations require future trainers to be 18 years of age or older, to have a secondary or GED degree, a valid ID, and to be certified by a reputable certifying body. About any reputable certification institute will expect to be CPR and AED certified before taking an exam or applying for a certificate programme. Most of these courses last four hours. You should learn how to compress the chest, give an appropriate rescue breath, and use an AED at this period.

Since passing the test, you are on the road to becoming a health professional.

Note: Though your personal training programmes are similar, they lead to different personal training jobs, which affects the network of trainers you are doing if you choose.

A large number of employers take great account of three of these credentials.

The most important thing is to know what kind of clients you want to work with.

Since so many consumers have multiple physical disorders, it takes a number of approaches to train customers like that. This is the most crucial factor when choosing which skill to seek.

If you are at a crossroads trying to find out which credentials to look for, you can read the other messages and pages from my website that I mentioned above.

The average amount of time for the majority of the certifications I discussed in my top certification article is 3 to 6 months.

If you charge through the textbook and cram every day, you can automatically do this quicker. This is something I do not suggest unless you want to remember this detail for a long time. Forget about cramming for your history final overnight. The three to six months should be sufficient to understand and maintain the knowledge.

This does not take three months if you have a history in exercise science or kinesiology.

Your career’s progression

A degree examination does not ensure an offer for a job. A job search comprises a number of tasks, among them:

– Meet the experiences of various fitness centers

– Make links to fitness lovers and experts

– Compile a list that underlines all of your personal and health expertise.

– Get and retain customers

– Place your services on the internet

Both moves are just as daunting as you find them as the single one on the road to become a professional personal trainer. If you stay optimistic, target-oriented, your career goals would be more realistic.


Your work is important and you will train young people and the elderly so that they will attain their fitness and wellness objectives. The most enjoyable role I have ever performed is personal fitness. I can’t believe I’d rather do something else in my life.

It is a satisfying feeling to help people achieve their dreams and enjoy a happier life. I’m excited about my career every day. Personal fitness preparation is both the body and mind satisfying and fulfilling activities and that’s all about how to become a personal trainer.



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