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How Much Are Wildfires Going To Cost California?

California is no stranger to the issues which wildfires can cause. With populations higher than ever before, unreasonably dry weather for almost a year, and heavy winds, though, the versions of events like this which are seen today are a lot more severe than those in the past.

Whether you think global warming is playing a role or that the state government needs to start working on managing it’s land more appropriately, understanding the cause doesn’t help to put everything back together. To give you an idea of how much something like this can cost, this post will be exploring California’s recent fires, and how much is going to be spent to get back on track.

What Are The Costs?

There are loads of different costs which will come with an event like this, especially in wealthier areas. The money to cover these areas isn’t guaranteed, and it will likely come from a range of place, but that can be covered later. Instead, for the section below, you will find some of the key costs which are going to have to be paid if California wants to recover and give homeowners their property back. It won’t become completely clear how much all of this is going to set the country back until proper assessments have been made.

Private Property: With entire cities being destroyed, the main thing on a lot of people’s minds will be the private property which has been lost to these fires. For those with insurance, this won’t be an issue, though it could take a long time for payouts to be made. If you don’t have insurance, though, you may have to take legal action, fighting against whoever caused the fire. Alternatively, you can take measures to protect yourself using a consumer product such as Wildfire Home Defense by PHOS-CHEK.

Public Property: Along with private property, it’s also worth thinking about public property. This often won’t be covered by insurance, instead having the government pay for repairs and upgrades, and this will come directly from tax-payers. Local residents often have to fight for this work to be done when a disaster has struck, as it can be hard for the government to afford the work right away.

Medical: When something like a wildfire strikes, normal people often have to go through extreme struggles. Resulting in all sorts of injuries, medical teams have to be on standby to help out, and this can cost a small fortune. Like your home, this will only be covered if you have insurance, and you might have to pay for it out of your pocket if you aren’t covered like this.

Emergency Services: Controlling a wildfire is only possible when thousands of firefighters put their lives on the line. While this is very brave, they also need to be paid, and this can cost the government a small fortune. This sort of spending is well worth it, but it still adds to the costs of the overall disaster, contributing a huge amount to the work which goes into solving issues like this.

Water: In a place like California, water is often very hard to come by, and this means that the resources being used to tackle these blazes has to come from elsewhere. Ignoring the price of shipping and storing something like this, you also have to consider the cost of the water itself. Most places won’t give something like this way for free, even in an emergency situation.

Who Will Pay Them?

There will be arguments for a very long time to decide who has to pay for all of the damage caused by November’s wildfires. So far, the costs of the largest fire, Camp Fire, are estimated to be as much as $10 billion. This is just the money which will be paid by insurance companies, though, covering things like property damage and loss of life. Along with this, a lot of individuals are also going to have to spend some money, especially if they don’t have insurance, as mentioned above.

The government will also have some fees to pay by the end of all of this, with the most prominent being legal fees. Groups like Walkup Fire lawyer team have already gotten to work towards helping people to get what they deserve back from these events. There will also be more immediate bills which can’t be ignored, like the price of firefighters and land damage. Of course, though, this is something which will have to be assessed with time, leaving private people to cover the costs until the government steps up.

With all of this in mind, it should be easy to get an idea of what a natural disaster like a wildfire can cost a country. With these disasters being long, challenging to combat, and still active in some areas, the costs are almost certainly going to change, going up to reflect the damage which is discovered.

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