As Ron E was growing up, he progressively got more and more involved with music as a whole. Initially beginning on the drums, he made the shift to singing in his church choir and at music Renaissance EMS. He and his group “Exit 21” used to put together cover songs and sing harmonies, leading them to enticing fans worldwide and landing millions of views across platforms. Getting familiar with what it is like touring overseas, Ron E used his experience to break off and start his solo career in 2019.


Blessed beyond belief with the opportunity to do what he loves, Ron E is pouring everything he has into making his solo career one to remember. He has had his fair share of struggles along the way but is pushing past them to make his dreams a reality. “The most challenging thing I’ve been able to overcome was handling situations where people doubt the vision and what I’ve felt was best for myself,” says Ron E. pushing the doubters aside. He plans to continue to focus on himself and his music in order to be the best artist he can possibly be.


Using his music as a platform to inspire others, he, too, ironically pulls inspiration from talented individuals around him. Being around people that are striving for more is always a guaranteed way to boost your drive as an individual. And Ron E is using that to his advantage and says it helps him “Stay on top of his game.”


Currently, an independent artist, Ron E, is fortunate to work with some of the top producers in the game. He credits their ability to produce and engineer his sound correctly for a lot of his early success. Many artists just starting out do not get to have the luxury of someone doing the work for them, but previous connections have made Ron E more fortunate. Don’t get it twisted, Ron E brings the lyrical talent to the table to match the world-class production of his music. Ron has a melodic flow similar to one of his biggest inspirations, Chris Brown. The smooth and free-flowing nature of his music leaves you keeping his songs on repeat and returning back for more the next time you listen to music.


So far, it has been a big year for the talented young artist. He recently released his latest single, “Only You,” and it has a fun, up-tempo vibe that will have everyone dancing this summer. With this recent single running up the charts, Ron E has his sights set on his next release. He plans to come with his best work yet and cement his name in the industry with a smash hit. Clearly, he has a lot of big things in the works. It is going to be exciting to watch this emerging artist grow into the role that he has envisioned. Until then, keep an eye on Ron E for all the news and latest updates revolving around the artist.


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