STD Test Kits

An Home STD Test Kit is just what you need if you are concerned about catching an STD. If you have been informed that you have an STD and want to make sure you do not pass it on to your sexual partner then this is the right product for you. These types of tests are simple and easy to use and they can save you a lot of embarrassment. Also, they are extremely affordable and you will not have to pay for something that did not work. By the time you finish reading this article you will know whether or not an At Home STD Test Kit is right for you.

Affordable And Easy to Use

Most people think that an STD Test Kit is just something that a gynecologist would use to screen for STDs. But, these are actually very easy and affordable to buy as well. They are easy to use as well, so if you are the type of person that likes to do things on your own at home STD test kit is definitely the way to go. There are many different kinds of these tests that you can use. So, you should be able to find one that fits your needs.

Different Types of Tests

Urine Tests

First, the most basic type of test is the urine test. This is pretty easy to do and it only takes a few minutes to get the results. It also costs a lot less than a visit to an STD clinic.


Another option is the swab test. This is a little bit more in-depth than the urine test. It takes a few days to get the results and it can be painful, especially if the testicle is swollen. However, the results are accurate and you will be able to see very easily if you are positive or negative. There are also kits available that will allow you to test for the G-cells, which are responsible for HIV and genital warts.

Tests For Pregnant Females

For pregnant women who want to know if they are infected, the blood test is the best option. This type of test costs a lot less than any other testing and it is painless. You don’t have to stay in the testicles for a day and there are no painful exams involved. You simply take a swab and send it off to the lab.

For those who want to be completely sure that they do not have an STD before they get into sex, they should consider an over the counter test kit. These are easy to use at home and they are extremely accurate. They also do not take very long to get the results. If you are already sure that you do not have an STD, this is the easiest way to confirm it.

Order STD Kits At Home

If you cannot wait for your doctor to come to your house in order to test for STD, you can always order an at home test kit. There are many companies that manufacture these tests and they are easy to get. You may have to call around a few different companies before you find the one that you like. They are also fairly inexpensive, but do you really want to get tested before you decide on anything?


The great thing about ordering these at home kits is that you can test for the STD that you are unsure about. For example, if you know that you have a positive result for Chlamydia, you can try another form of testing to see if you have other STDs. The problem with testing through a private medical office is that the exam can only tell you if you have an STD. With an at home kit, you can confirm the results and then make your decision about treatment.

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