Texas is one of the richest American states with the second-largest U.S economy by GDP. Due to the viability of the state, many persons are starting up businesses, companies are setting up branches, which boosts the video production industry in the State.

The city of Austin is known for its creativity, and it stands as the home for artists, musicians, and filmmakers. Due to this creative setting, you can find a lot of film production companies in Austin particularly, and in Texas as a whole.

If you are trying to choose a video production company for your video coverage and events, here are some things you must consider;


How experienced is the video production team?

You can measure a team’s experience by the number of jobs they have done, the quality of these jobs, and the caliber of clients they have worked with. It is a good idea to see previous work samples to demonstrate their experience, and many companies will be glad to show you their work.

When you watch their videos, you can judge their professionalism and level of experience. Some videography essentials to check out setting, lighting, resolution. Finally, ask yourself whether or not the video was engaging.


Find out their niche

Most videography companies in Texas have their niches, which are those areas that they do perfectly well. Find out their niche and whether it fits what you want. Some video production companies might be great at filming events while others specialize in drone shots. Some other film production companies will focus on videography or music videos.

If you can find out their outstanding skills, you can tell whether they are the best people to work with.

What nature of videos do you develop well?

Ask them whether they can make tutorials, wedding and event videos, ‘about us’ videos, and music videos.

Drone cinematography has become the latest trend in event marketing since the inception of social media. It is not an easy task to find professionals in drone cinematography that can help you brainstorm ideas and to provide you with high quality footage and photos.

If you need a team that can do all these things, you must confirm that they are capable of offering all the videography services you desire. Compare your needs and the services they offer so that you can decide whether or not you’ll make them your video production partners.

What ideas do they have for your video?

Once you tell the videography company about your needs and goals, ask them what ideas they can propose for your videos. Allow them to suggest ways that you can create your videos and handle the production. Listen to the strategies they suggest and find out how it sounds. Bear in mind that they won’t give you too much information regarding your video strategy until you decide to work with them. However, they will give you enough hints to show that they are worth being hired.

They might ask for a few days to put a pitch together, and you should give them that time to submit their video ideas to you.

Study their pitch to ensure that it is unique, innovative, and creative.

Here is a list of other questions to ask:

  • How long does it take you to complete a project?
  • When can you begin this project?
  • What delays can you foresee during this project, and how do you plan to surmount them?
  • Do you use custom designs or stock?
  • What video production equipment do you use?
  • Will you include special services like 3D rendering, live streams, or animations, in your film production?
  • Do you offer editing services? And what does it entail?



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